A Day at Cody

Tennis at Camp CodyAn important part of the Cody program is the balance between individual choice and assigned activities. Providing flexibility within an overall structure, the program allows campers to progressively choose more of their own activities as they get older. In this environment, campers experience teamwork, support and achievement while also satisfying their individual interests. Checkout a Sample Schedule (1)y schedule.

7 to 10 year olds

The program for younger boys and girls (ages 7-10) is structured so that they try almost all the activities offered at camp. Boys and girls in this age group participate in four daily activities that have been planned for their entire cabin. They also sign up for two individual electives to complete their day.
Cody Water Tubing

11 and 12 year olds

Cody’s eleven and twelve-year-olds have more choice, participating in four daily electives, with two cabin-assigned activities.


Cody teens choose all six of their daily activities. This gives teen-aged campers a feeling of control and allows them to receive in-depth instruction in their favorite activities.

Two daily electives are specialty clinics which last a full week and permit even higher levels of instruction in the activities campers enjoy most. Teens enjoy a greater variety of special activities, go on high-adventure trips, and attend social functions.