Private Golf Lessons

Our lessons are designed to empower campers both on and off the course while cultivating a love for the game of golf. Our unique lessons let campers explore the game of golf in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. Campers are transported off site to practice their golf game at the nearby gold course. Cody offers group private lessons by placing campers in groups based upon skill.

Instructors develop the campers’ skills by evaluating the campers’ level of play determined by how they grip the club, their stance, posture, full swing, ability to put and chip, as well as their perception of the course. Beginner golfers are introduced to the basic fundamentals and all aspects of the game including etiquette, rules, pre-shot routine, scoring, and club selection. Intermediate golfers work on improving their swing mechanics and short game such as how to save strokes by playing off the cart path, pine straw, mulch and side-hill lies. As campers advance through lessons, instructors will add driving techniques using all woods. While on the course, instructors also discuss handling bunkers, deep rough, over-the-water shots and other specialized shots, while teaching campers to manage their way around the golf course to avoid problems and set up opportunities for better scoring. Campers will learn how the professionals achieve low scores through creativity, strategy and playing the percentage shots around the greens.

Campers are always encouraged to internalize their progress and make connections, as well as develop confidence in what they are doing. Golf private lessons are half day and replace at least 3 activity periods once every 4 days. Camp Cody provides all necessary equipment but asks that campers bring a collared shirt, dockers and proper golf footwear to camp.