Bronx, NY

Connection to Camp

1 Year • Cody Camper


This was my first year at Camp Cody and I was so excited! I’m from New York City, so I was really looking forward to being outdoors all the time and trying activities that I couldn’t do at home. I had been to a week-long gymnastics sleepaway camp before but I was still a bit nervous being in a cabin with a bunch of new girls. On my first day, my counselors introduced me to everyone and now I’m friends with my whole cabin! It’s a great mix of girls and our counselors were awesome. When our cabin wanted to do a dance in the talent show, I was a little shy and wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it with them. My counselors encouraged me to be in it and I was very happy when they asked me to do the dance with them! I felt really brave when I got up on stage and we all danced and had a great time.

Some of my favorite moments from this summer were s’mores and campfires at Apache Point and Color Wars with the whole camp where we all got to cheer for each other through a bunch of fun field games. My favorite activity was Fencing, which I was really looking forward to since before I came to camp! I had it on my schedule three times and I got to learn a lot. The counselors made sure we knew the techniques before we actually fenced against each other and we played a lot of games so we could improve! It was really cool being able to do all these activities that I can’t do at home and I can’t wait to go back next year.