Brooklyn, NY

Connection to Camp

1 Year • Cody Camper


I used to go to a swimming camp in my hometown and when I saw the lake at Camp Cody I really wanted to go! This year was my first year and it was really exciting, I got to try out a lot of all the fun activities and there were many different things to do. My schedule was different everyday and I got to do everything that I wanted to do! Some of my favorite moments were trying new activities for the first time and my favorite activity was definitely motor boats. One time when I was tubing I told the drive to go faster and me and my friend on the tube went flying and landed with a huge splash in the lake! Swimming was also fun because we got to play games in the water and I also got to improve my swimming strokes. The food was also really good and there were tons of options. My cabin was really nice and I made a lot of new friends and we played a lot of card games together during our free time. I really hope I can be in a cabin with all my friends next year too!