Carlisle, PA

Connection to Camp

9 Years • Cody Counselor


Position: Swim Pier

What makes me smile are the people here. There are funny moments everyday and I’m always laughing. Working at the waterfront is a serious job keeping our campers safe, but there are always moments when I’m laughing at a joke a camper made or just when talking to another lifeguard.

I had counselors when I was a camper that completely shaped my experience as a counselor. I started working at swim pier as a CIT, which became a major part of my time at Cody. I’ve grown significantly since I was a CIT through having mentors who have helped me both learn how to run swim pier safety and have the confidence in myself to make the important decisions on the water. I see these lessons that other counselors have taught me translate back to my experiences outside of Cody as well, in school and my extracurriculars.

I’ve learned the best lessons and advice comes from listening to other individuals experiences and stories. By meeting so many people at Cody throughout my years working at the waterfront and swim pier, I’ve learned about perspectives so vastly different from my own. The best lesson is to listen to other people and ask them questions. Cody hires a variety of individuals from many places around the world and from different backgrounds, making it a really cool and diverse atmosphere. There are always going to be different opinions, which makes working at the swim pier so interesting hearing about everybody’s different experiences and how we can come together to be the best team.

I return every year mainly because of the people that I have met here. Everyone at Cody has become like a second family and I love working at the swim pier and having a great group of lifeguards every year. Cody is a place that I’ve always had the best friends and moments at and I can’t wait to spend many more summers here.