College Groups

College Groups at CodyWe work closely with scores of colleges and universities throughout New England. Our center provides the perfect combination of great value, facilities, food and setting, to ensure enjoyable meeting, recreational, educational or team building programs for students. This is achieved through our experience, attitude and value.

Our prices, convenience, and overall value make student group visits an achievable and affordable option for college retreats. College retreats at Cody provide the advantage of working in a special environment different to college, as well as the social aspects of group living, teambuilding or training.

A full team building and challenge program, a supervised waterfront and ample opportunities for groups to indulge in a range of sports or to relax away from all the hustle and bustle of college life. Add to this a spectacular location and great food, and you have many of the reasons why almost every college group or organization we host, returns year after year. This long tradition of hosting college organizations throughout all four seasons includes groups from MIT, Boston College, UNH, Harvard and Boston University, each returning year after year.