International Campers

Every summer Camp Cody plays host to a handful of international campers.  To insure a positive summer experience, we ask that you please review this information thoroughly.   Should you have any questions, please feel to contact us directly!

General Checklist/Questions

  • When packing, please adhere to the International Packing List
  • Please complete the following Medical and Travel Forms Bundle and send to
  • You do not have to pack linens (e.g. pillows, blankets, towels, etc) they’re provided by the camp for $75
  • If you’d like travel or cancellation insurance, you can do so via Travmark by Clicking Here
  • We suggest that campers bring no more than $250 in pocket money
  • Cell phones and other electronics aren’t allowed at camp but can be used by campers while traveling.
  • While at camp, parents can (1) send messages via emails, (2) checking with your camper’s counselor during the first week and (3) arrange phone calls during the subsequent weeks.
  • We ask that all of our campers speak english while at Camp Cody.  While we do have a handful of staff that speak French/Spanish it’s not to be the primary language for day-to-day dialogue.  As such, we ask that prior to camp that parents speak with their children about the importance of speaking English!

Flights, Pickup and Travel

Each year we pickup lots of campers from Boston Logan and take them back up to camp. In doing so, we’ve learn that it’s best for your child if they arrive from 12:30 PM – 5PM and depart from 12:30 PM and 5PM. Adhering to those arrival/departure times makes it easier on your camper and ensures they can travel with the rest of their friends.
Official Arrival Dates/Times
June 23rd (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
July 7th (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
July 21st (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
August 4th (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
Official Departure Dates/Times
July 6th (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
July 20th (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
August 3rd (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
August 17th (12:30 PM – 5PM EST)
Booking your camper’s arrival or departure flight outside the following dates/times will incur an additional charge of $350.00 US.
If your child is traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor, please provide your airline with the information below. The Contact Person for Airport Pickup will likely change as we get closer to the summer to represent the exact staff members responsible for picking up the campers. I will send the confirmed name of the Cody staff members picking up your child at Boston Logan will be sent no later than 1 week before the scheduled flight.
Contact Person for Airport Pickup: Anna Gross
Contact Phone Number: 603-539-4997
Camp’s Address: Camp Cody, 9 Cody Road, Freedom, NH 03836
If you have already booked your travel to Camp, please forward that information to directly.