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Examining Summer Camp Values at Camp Cody

Camp Cody Team 01/03/2022

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Summer camp is all about having fun and making new friends. But on a deeper level, your child is also learning valuable lessons and life skills through hands-on activities and guidance from experienced and engaged camp counselors.

At Camp Cody, the values we hold near and dear influence a camper’s experience for the better. Read on to learn about a handful of the values campers learn at Camp Cody and why they’re so important. 

1. Independence

At Camp Cody, independence is one of our most important core values. We encourage every camper to become more independent under the guidance of our experienced counselors who help foster a safe environment for this kind of personal growth. We believe that carefully tailoring the summer experience to the individual camper creates, on a larger scale, a successful and enjoyable summer for all campers. 

Even before camp begins, we conduct home visits or connect with parents so that we get to know our campers’ backgrounds and interests. We then work with each camper to choose a schedule that incorporates his or her individual interests while still challenging him or her to try new things and build new skill sets, all of which encourage independence!

2. Adventure

Of course, a sense of adventure is also something we instill in our campers from a young age. This summer camp value often goes hand in hand with independence since it encourages kids to try new things and explore interests outside of their comfort zone.

Camp Cody offers a variety of activities from sports and arts and crafts for campers to try. However, campers can also choose to participate in “Cody Adventures.” These excursions teach campers valuable outdoor skills as they make memories and friendships that are sure to last a lifetime.

3. Gratitude

Last, but certainly not least, is the value of gratitude. From a young age, all of our campers begin to learn the importance of gratitude and how to make a meaningful impact on their community in and outside of camp. And not only do we encourage campers to be grateful for their summer camp experiences, but we also focus on respecting nature and showing appreciation for the people and surrounding nature that make our summer camp such an amazing place.

Additionally, seniors (ages 14-15) have the opportunity to choose from many character “focus areas.” These campers are mature enough to foster belonging in the Cody community and practice gratitude every day in a meaningful way.

Interested in learning more about the summer camp values at Camp Cody? Learn more about our camp philosophy or get in touch with the team to hear more about how we instill these values in each and every camper.

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