Bunk Life

Your Home Away From Home

Our cabins sit on the southeastern lakeside edge of the White Mountain National Forest, each housing about seven campers and three counselors. All our cabins have electricity, fully-equipped bathrooms and ample cubby room for belongings.

If you haven’t seen the bunks yet, our typical boys and girls cabins are featured on the 8th and 9th location in our virtual tour. And, yes, the cabins really are that clean and spacious – though, the boys do tend to take a bit more prodding to keep everything tidy!


To ensure a positive cabin experience, campers are placed in cabins where they are bound to thrive. It is important to our staff that campers feel connected to their cabin mates through shared interests, without sacrificing diversity. The result is that everyone feels like family, no matter where they are from.

The Day-to-Day

Cabin mates work together to maintain the cabin, do chores, plan fun activities or just hang out during rest hour. Bunk buddies will eat in the Dining Hall side-by-side, compete in color wars together or go on lively outdoor adventures.

Through rewarding daily experiences alongside best friends, our goal is to make each cabin feel just like home.


Getting Ready for Camp

Do you allow iPods, phones, or video games?

Cody is a technology-free camp. iPods, phones or video game devices are not allowed because we want campers to bond with each other and excel in their activities. However, this does not mean that your camper will be out of touch. In addition to scheduling calls with parents, we encourage families to write letters and keep in touch the “old-fashioned” way! When the mail is delivered each day, your camper will always have something to look forward to.

What should I pack?

Packing for camp can be a daunting task, but not to worry! We send you a packing list in the mail with our other forms so that your camper can be extra prepared for a jam-packed summer full of fun!

How are cabin assignments made?

Our goal is to create a dynamic cabin, carefully chosen to ensure that campers have bunkmates who share similar interests, relate to one another and enrich cabin diversity. While this process is largely up to our administrative team, campers may request friends or even family members of the same gender to be a bunkmate. We do our best to match each camper’s personality and needs with other campers and counselors in the cabin, ensuring campers feel at home and have a blast — every summer!