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Dates & Tuition

Dear Families,

Due to a high return rate and lots of interest from new families, enrollment for summer 2021 will be limited. Returning families have priority and new camper applications will be processed on a first-come basis.  Waitlists generally start forming in March and we would very much recommend registering your child as early as possible. While some sessions and age groups fill sooner than others, it’s never advisable to wait.

We will try our very best to accommodate your family this summer and can always recommend other camps with more availability.

Request Availability

For additional information on pricing & availability for Summer 2021 please fill out the form below. Someone from the Cody Team will reach out to answer any questions you have!

Philip, Sheri & the Camp Moms

Full or Half Summer?

Before the dust settles from their parents’ cars leaving on arrival day, our campers already have made new friends and become part of the Cody family. But, learning how to wakeboard, post a trot, or build an Adirondack chair is not so instantaneous. To provide sufficient time for these new interests to blossom and new skills to develop, we recommend at least four weeks for first-time campers.

So, why do we offer two-week sessions? Well, just because our campers are ready to dive into Camp Cody for four weeks, doesn’t mean their parents are! Our two-week sessions give families a camp test-run, preparing them for even more adventure and fun the next summer. If you’re unsure what session length is the best fit for your camper (or you, we understand!), give us a call!

Two-Week Sessions 2021

Dates Tuition Deposit
June 20 – July 3 $3,950 $500
July 4 – July 17 $4,150 $500
July 18 – July 31 $4,150 $500
August 1 – August 14 $3,950 $500

Four-Week Sessions 2021

Dates Tuition Deposit
June 20 – July 17 $7,000 $500
July 4 – July 31 $7,200 $500
July 18 – August 14 $7,000 $500

One-Week Adventure Trips

Dates Tuition
July 3 – July 10 $1,500 add-on to summer camp session
$2000 trip only
July 17 – July 24 $1,500 add-on to summer camp session
$2000 trip only
July 31 - August 7 $1,500 add-on to summer camp session
$2000 trip only

Private Instruction

Program Two-Weeks Four-Weeks
Equestrian Program $350 $700
Private Tennis Lessons $300 $600
Scuba Diving $300 $600
Crew: Rowing & Sculling $200 $400
Private Golf Lessons $350 $700

Academic Offerings

Program Two Weeks Four Weeks
Math Tutoring $500 $1,000
Reading Tutoring $500 $1,000
ESL Tutoring $750 $1,500

* Payments made via credit card will incur a 3% surcharge. Save money, pay with eChecks!

International Camper All-Inclusive Package

Two-Weeks: $400
Four-Weeks: $500

  • Airport pickup/drop-off service (private, Cody camper-only welcome & transportation)
  • Bed linens, pillow/case & towels
  • Sales tax-free shopping & sightseeing trips/tours
  • Luggage/trunk coordination & assistance

What’s Included in the Camp Term Fee?

Are there any extra costs?

There are no extra costs or hidden fees beyond payment for the session and the deposit, however, we offer a variety of add-ons in the form of special activities which enrich the camp experience. For example, parents can pay extra for scuba lessons, horseback riding, tutoring, private tennis lessons, and golf lessons. We also charge an additional fee for transportation from the airport and/or from pickup locations in NY and CT, but parents always have the option to drive their children to camp at no extra cost. For those entering the country, we provide an international package which covers everything from linens to trips.

How is laundry handled?

There’s no need to worry whether or not your camper has clean clothes each day – that’s what our counselors and Camp Moms do! Dirty items are collected from cabins each week and taken off site for laundering.

What about a camp uniform?

Campers at Cody are not required to wear a uniform, but why not get them some Cody gear? We have t-shirts, hats, shorts, sweatpants, you name it! When you register your camper, we provide a form in the parent packet through which you can order these items. We will have any orders ready for campers once they arrive for their session, so they can wear their gear at camp!

Will I get any news or pictures from camp?

Of course! Photos are uploaded everyday to our Director’s personal Facebook account, shared only with the Cody community. Nearly 300 pictures are posted daily, so don’t worry about missing your camper – you’re bound to find him/her bouncing on the Wibit, hitting a ball out of the park, scoring a goal, or painting a picture to mail home!

Will my child need spending money?

Campers don’t need to bring money to camp, but some campers can choose to bring money on select trips (Boston, Portland, and International Shopping). Otherwise, they will not need money — we provide everything they need on trips. Any cash sent with your camper is securely deposited directly into our office safe, for safe-keeping until after camp!

What is the cancellation policy?

The $500 deposit required for camp is refundable by January 31st . Tuition is refundable until May 15th less the $500 deposit.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (603) 539-4997 or email