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Academic Offerings

School’s Out …

But learning is still in! At Cody, campers can be tutored in mathematics, reading and English as a Second Language (ESL). Our tutors are licensed teachers with past tutoring experience and a passion for education.

Progressive Academics

We know that the best teachers foster the best students, so we make sure our tutors are seriously passionate about education. Tutors are licensed (or soon-to-be licensed) teachers with past tutoring experience.

They start by gaining a good understanding of the camper’s academics via a parent and teacher questionnaire and determining learning goals with the camper. With that in mind, a strategic plan is created to help the camper achieve these goals.

Our Learning Community

Students are encouraged by tutors with supportive one-on-one attention, and have the added benefit of working together in small tutoring groups to achieve goals alongside friends!

Campers share a classroom with fellow students and are given assignments that foster group work and collaborative teaching in addition to individual work, creating an open and inclusive learning community.

At Cody, we offer math tutoring at all levels of proficiency. Generally, campers take a math course suited to their individual needs, however, our instructors are skilled mathematicians and can tutor campers in any area of math they need or want to pursue. From fundamentals to geometry and algebra, campers can keep up the good work at Cody.

We have a collection of books available to campers which suit all ability levels and interests, encouraging campers to develop a love of reading. Our tutors will also assist campers who have been assigned summer reading by their school.

We incorporate writing into our reading program at Cody to give campers a well-rounded skill set in the English language, and equip them with the tools for critical thinking and creative writing.

Languages are complex, and no matter how well you learn one, there’s always more to know – accents to decode, idioms to understand and vocabulary to discover. This is the focus of ESL tutoring at Camp Cody.

It’s important that ESL students can ask questions in their own language to learn English better, so we have a team of teachers who speak the languages of our campers.  Our teachers primarily speak Spanish (from Spain and Latin America), French, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese.

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*Tutoring Programs cost an additional fee.