Why Cody?

9 Reasons to Love Camp

    a girl smiling while in the water
    group of girls on their beds

    Your Home Away From Home

    Summer Family

    Cabin friends do everything together! Eat in the Dining Hall, play GaGa, explore the lake and compete in Color Wars ... Ready to be bunk buddies and friends for life?

    Meet Your Cabin
    campers hanging out in front of a fire

    Alluring Adventure

    Epic Expeditions

    Journey across the Northeast and forge new memories with lifelong friends. Hike, bike, kayak, canoe ... Discover, peruse, explore what you choose!

    Pack Your Bags
    young girl doing a split leg hand stand on a wibit on the lake

    Awesome Water Park Course

    Conquer the Wibit

    Slip, slide and splash or bounce, climb and jump! Everyone loves our giant inflatable water park on beautiful Ossipee Lake.

    Suit Up
    boy climbing a rock while another offers a helping hand

    New People

    Lifelong Friendships

    Campers are destined to make incredible friends. Join a warm, inclusive community and make memories to be cherished for decades.

    Camp Friends Are Forever
    an instructor showing a birdhouse to two campers

    Our Staff

    Amazing Leaders

    Here, campers are 110% taken care of. Our knowledgeable staff members are not only friendly, compassionate people, they are talented mentors who instruct and inspire.

    Meet The Team
    camper wakeboarding at sunset

    Legendary Waterskiing

    Shred on the Water

    Don't think you can stand on water? Our waterfront staff teaches campers how. Make some waves, enjoy the thrill and show the lake who's boss.

    Become a Legend
    young girls swimming

    Summer Fun

    Smile & Laugh

    We know how to have fun like no one else. Cheer in the crowd, enjoy the lake, try new things and embark on unexpected journeys -- smiling and laughing all the while.

    Have a Blast
    boys playing basketball

    Our Coaches

    Sports All-Stars

    Our skilled coaches instruct campers in a diverse range of athletics, at any level. With sportsmanship and teamwork at the forefront, every camper can score a goal.

    Learn from the Best
    boys looking out over a lake

    Cody Magic

    More Than Just Camp

    Don't miss out on an amazing summer experience. Here you will find enthusiasm, kindness, excitement and diversity. We're more than just camp. We're Cody.

    Experience It All