three campers giving three other campers piggy back rides

Juniors (Ages 10–11)

Joining Juniors

For many Juniors, it’s their first time away at camp but Cody has everything they need to have a great summer – a cabin full of friends and counselors ready to have fun and embark on new, exciting adventures! Juniors moving up from the Pioneers division will enjoy additional electives, later bedtimes and more trips to choose from.

The Junior Life

There is no shortage of activities to choose from at Cody, and Juniors get four electives every day. With our Progressive Programming, each activity varies based on the camper’s age and skill level, so they are guaranteed to have the best and most rewarding experience possible.

Our Juniors can choose from anything and everything, from wake boarding, field hockey, yoga, to mountain biking, kayaking and so much more. Their elective activities allow them to interact with other Juniors outside their cabin as well as some of the younger Inters.

Kindness & Confidence

The character “focus areas” of the Juniors are kindness and confidence. As the second youngest division, Juniors are quickly maturing.

We believe that part of positive development of social skills and interpersonal awareness for our Juniors means practicing confidence and learning to express kindness. Our goal is for them to feel that Camp Cody is a safe place to learn how to do just that!