girls sliding down a wibit while another girl climbs the side

Seniors (Ages 14–15)

The Best of Cody

Our Seniors are the eldest division in the Cody family. They know that the youngest divisions admire them — especially those who grew up in the younger divisions — and, just like in high school, being a Senior is coveted.

They have the most electives, the latest bedtimes, more frequent and long-lasting social events and activities and they even have their own ‘Senior Lounge’!

The Senior Point of View

With our Progressive Programming, our Seniors enjoy a more evolved camp experience. They have tighter schedules, more challenging activities and more adventure — and they’re ready for it! They have the most choices in electives and enjoy creating their personalized, ideal daily schedule.

No matter what they choose, Seniors expand their horizons and gain confidence by building new skills and collecting memories with lifelong friends.

While Seniors have the run-of-the-mill of the Cody campus, they also enjoy off-site adventures and trips in the beautiful Northeast, exploring the spectacular lakes, mountains and ocean nearby. Even Seniors who started their career at Cody as Pioneers will find new trips on the roster.

Belonging & Gratitude

Seniors have many character “focus areas” – luckily they’re up for the challenge. Seniors are mature enough to foster belonging in the Cody community and practice gratitude.

With their division leaders, they strive to maintain an inclusive environment founded on acceptance, patience and solidarity. Through modeling these positive attitudes, they exude this openness to the younger divisions, making the Cody family even stronger!