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What to Expect When Your Child Returns from Overnight Camp

Camp Cody Team 08/06/2020

Getting your child prepared for overnight camp can seem like a lot of work. From sorting and packing to helping beat those summer camp jitters, you’re ready to have some alone time. With the summer flying by, you’ll want to get ready for your child to return from overnight camp sooner rather than later. We’ve compiled some handy tips to help you get ready for your child’s safe return home.

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They May Talk a Lot, or Not – If your child is typically chatty, get ready to do a lot of listening on the ride home. Some kids are eager to come home and tell their parents all the details about camp while others are more reserved, so this might be a conversation for the dinner table. You know your child best and what to expect.

They Need Sleep – Whether your child has been at overnight camp for one week or four weeks, they will have slept a lot less than they do at home. Between staying up and hanging out with other campers and trying out new activities, your child is going to come home exhausted. Let them sleep and expect them to sleep in the next couple of days.

Piles of Laundry – You might see a mountain of laundry as your child unpacks. Even if you neatly packed clothes in a trunk, you’ll probably find clothes all rolled up.

Less Use of Technology – Summer camp is all about unplugging and getting in touch with nature. Kids have a newfound appreciation for nature.  Kids are without phones, iPads, video games and computers so when they come home, you might see them attempting more outdoorsy activities.

Increased Self Esteem – Being away from home encourages kids to be more independent. As kids become more independent, they’ll experience increased self esteem. Parents notice this when kids return home from overnight camp. You’ll find your kid cleaning their room, packing their own lunch for school and walking around more confidently.

Mourning Camp – The first few days back home can be tough on some kids. This is what we call the mourning period. Kids miss their friends, summer camp adventures and having freedom from their parents. If you find you child feeling sadder than usual, know that it will past. Encourage your child to be open and share their feelings. Over time they’ll get back to the swing of things.

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