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Why Coed Summer Camp?

Elizabeth 07/19/2017

boy and girl at camp working on science project

Children are continually making sense of their world, receiving messages, processing them and drawing conclusions. At Camp Cody, we support campers in this pursuit by providing a summer camp experience that is balanced and familiar to the world they live in away from their summer camp home. It’s an integrated gender world: Boys and girls generally go to school together, have play dates with one another, and live together as siblings.

Preparing students academically, socially, and emotionally for higher education and life demands an environment that is reflective of the real world, according to Marist High School, a private Catholic coed prep school in Chicago.

There is a natural progression in childhood that we mimic in our programming at Camp Cody. Younger campers spend most of their time in activities with the same gender, and as they grow older, the activities become more integrated. Our camp is able to accommodate this natural journey.

group of counselors walking together and smilingCoed camps like Camp Cody help to counter stereotypes that are often developed in the earliest years and can lead to underdevelopment. Programming and a camp experience that mimics the real world opens the door for healthy social interactions. Camp Cody is a technology-free zone, so campers learn to build respectful friendships with the opposite sex without the distraction of social media.

At Camp Cody, we are committed to building caring and compassionate children who interact naturally and grow together while enjoying unique and shared experiences.


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