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Getting to Camp

Where We Are

Camp Cody is located in Freedom, New Hampshire on Ossipee Lake. Freedom is about 120 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. We’re also 20 miles south of North Conway, NH and the White Mountain National Forest, and about 5 miles west of the Maine border with its many fine towns and beaches.

Our lakefront campus is tucked away in a secluded, rural area surround by tall pines and natural beauty. Our private waterfront extends a mile down the pristine shores of Ossipee Lake. The surrounding area is characterized by many beautiful lakes and thick Northeast forests.

Finding Us

We are rather secluded here in Freedom, NH, but Camp Cody is still easy to find. If you are not available to drive your child here, we offer a number of ways for campers to get to Cody, making their arrival effortless for campers and parents.

For those who live nearby, you can drop your camper off at camp. Our campus is secluded, but it isn’t difficult to find us. Simply set your destination to 9 Cody Road, Freedom, NH in your GPS.

The majority of Cody campers are not from the local area, but are not so far away that they would fly. It can be a several-hour drive to Camp Cody and parents do not always have the ability to make these trips.

Instead, some choose to send their camper to Cody via our private Cody Camper Coach Bus, with pickup and drop-off locations in Yonkers, NY, Fairfield, CT and New Haven, CT.

Many campers come to Cody from afar, which is why we offer pickup from Boston Logan International Airport, just two hours from our campus. Campers will be welcomed inside the airport by Camp Cody staff members, who will then accompany them on private buses and vans to our campus in Freedom, NH.

The Cody Welcome Team ensures that campers arrive to Cody safely and promptly, and make the trip fun! It’s a great way for campers to get a jump-start on their camp experience and to make friends with other campers before even arriving on campus!