Food, Glorious Food!

Cody Camper with WatermellonWe serve three meals daily during which the whole camp dines together. Campers share a table with their bunk mates and cabin counselors. We serve family style, supervised by our kitchen and dining staff and you can download a sample menu. Our dining hall is decorated with color war plaques going back 50+ summers and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s the 3rd spin on the Virtual Tour.  We also cater to a number of dietary restrictions, intolerances and preferences (for example, we’re nut free).  To learn more about how we work with food allergies, click here!

  • Breakfasts include: Milk, fruit juice, cold cereals, pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelets, sausage and eggs, bagels, coffee cake, blueberry muffins.
  • Lunches include: Salad bars and sandwich bar, as well as pasta dishes, chicken salad, pizza, cheese burgers and fries, hot dogs, sloppy joes, Mexican, tuna fish, grilled cheese sandwiches and other dishes.
  • Dinners include: Roast beef, bbq and grilled chicken, pot roast, steak, spaghetti and meatballs, roast turkey, beef stew, lasagna, pasta dishes.

Cody HamburgerBoth lunch and dinner meals have excellent salad bars, sandwich making tables, fresh vegetables, fruits, desserts, potatoes, juices, milk etc. We also have special BBQ’s, cookouts, picnic lunches and buffets. We do not serve shellfish. Any special dietary requirements can be catered for with ease; including but not limited to vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, and nut allergies.