Horseback Riding

Each camper is given an “evaluation ride” during their first lesson. Our instructors educate the campers on the grooming and tacking up process. Then the camper is evaluated riding the horse. Campers are grouped-based upon previous riding experience and the evaluation ride. Beginner riders learn to safely handle the horse on the ground, as well as correct position while riding at the walk and trot. Basic terminology, ring etiquette and proper use of aids are also included, as well as balance and strength-building exercises. Campers also learn to safely mount and dismount, halt and turn one’s horse. Canter work will also be introduced.

As campers advance, they will learn to lengthen and shorten the stride, bend and counter-bend, change leads, and maintain position at the two-point in all three gaits. Emphasis is on refining rider position, improving the base of support through strength and suppleness. Campers ride horses on an indoor and outdoor track as well as participating in trail riding at a nearby stable. Riding lessons use two activity periods once every 4 days for a total of 6 hours of lessons within 2 weeks. Cody provides all the necessary equipment but requests that the camper wears long pants and boots with a small heel.