Private Tennis Lessons

Campers are given the opportunity to enhance their tennis skills in small group or private individual tennis lessons. Small group lessons allow campers to receive instruction with their friends, cabin mates and other tennis players. Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction in a motivating and fun environment. Cody’s Head Tennis Pro evaluates each camper’s skill level and builds upon those skills while encouraging a passion for the game of tennis. Those campers that have never played tennis before become familiar with basic tennis fundamentals, tennis equipment and basic strokes, all while developing fitness, court movement and footwork. Campers also learn the parts of the tennis court and racquet-handling skills. Beginner tennis players are given the goal of hitting a continuous rally over the net. Campers are taught the forehand, backhand, and volley in order to properly complete their swing, and hit a ball over the net. They will also learn serving overhead and the rules and regulations for matches. As campers progress, moving and hitting are emphasized, and campers will focus more on match play skills as well drilling. Campers more advanced in tennis improve strokes, incorporate spin, learn stroke variety. They will also develop approach shots, volleys and second serves and will improve placement, control and power through, fast-paced drills, game strategies and point play. Players will build on fundamental strokes and techniques with lessons on topspin and slicing.

For advanced campers who already have good stroke fundamentals and are able to play offensive and defensive tennis are taught techniques to dictate play, first and second serve placement, and refining their timing. These lessons include point play against others through a combination of drills and matches. Campers have the opportunity to play singles or doubles during their lessons. Campers attend lessons during their free time and do not miss activities for these lessons. Cody provides all necessary equipment for the lessons and has a variety of racquet sizes and grips.