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Cody Staff with Girls

Counselors & Camp Moms

Cody’s staff are the backbone of the camp and having a great staff is essential to running a great program. From our experienced and talented year-round team, to our summer staff made up of teachers, education school grads, school and college athletics coaches and players, we take care in finding the most qualified and dedicated people to become counselors and instructors at Cody. The majority of our staff are American, although some staff come from other countries, while many others were once campers at Cody themselves. Among those teaching at Cody are school and college coaches and athletes with exceptional credentials and years of hands-on experience working with girls and boys of all ages and levels of accomplishment.

Counselors play a key role in making Cody a safe, fun and exciting place for campers. They are the foundation upon which the success of the camp is built. With a staff of more than 200 counselors for 400 campers, Cody has one of the best camper-to-staff ratios in the country.

Cody Staff with Boys

Great Staff, Great Camp

Counselors and Counselors-in-Training (CITs) are able to work together to provide a well-rounded program that caters to the individual needs of campers. The experience, diversity and background of our staff members also allows us to work comfortably with children of all nationalities and capabilities. Campers receive intensive and supportive individual and small group instruction, in a wide range of activities as they increase skill levels and build self confidence. Cody staff are hired and want to be part of the Cody Staff Team because they are experienced, qualified and enjoy working with children. They are also motivated and dedicated to make each camper’s stay a memorable one. Just like campers, Cody staff are here to have a fun summer, and they work hard to make each camper’s stay a memorable one. Above all, Cody staff members are here because they enjoy working with children and seeing them grow through the years to reach their own potential.