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Camp Cody Team 08/08/2022

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There are so many fun things about summer camp, but one of the best parts has to be the many incredible camp activities. It’s the perfect opportunity for campers to play at something they love, hone a talent they already have, or try something new! And they get to learn from enthusiastic counselors or coaches while making new friends. At Camp Cody, we offer dozens of traditional—and unique!—camp activities to make each summer the best it can be for every camper who comes. 

Water Activities

Since summer camp takes place during the hottest months of the year, it only makes sense that kids should get to cool off in the water—while having fun! Camp Cody is right on a glistening lakefront with sandy beaches and clear water, perfect for water activities. 

Campers can have fun just swimming, or they can try out the Wibit—our personal inflatable water park complete with slides, climbing walls, and splash zones! They can also play games like Water Polo in one of our organized activities. We also have lots of water toys and equipment for them to use, such as kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and SUPs (similar to paddle boards). 

And if the campers are up for an exciting challenge, Camp Cody has a boat we use to pull campers behind on wakeboards or waterskis. It sometimes takes a few tries to get up on the water, but no camper ever does it alone. There’s often a crowd cheering them on from the shore and celebrating when they finally make it! It’s a great new skill to try if your camper has never done it before.

Two of our signature programs are Crew and Scuba Diving. Crew is our word for rowing. Crew teaches cooperation, grace, skill, and balance. And, it’s one of the best workouts a kid can get. 

Scuba Diving is one of our most unique activities. Opportunities to scuba dive in New England are rare, due to the cold water, stormy weather, expensive equipment, and challenging certification process. But at Camp Cody, your child has the rare chance to safely explore the depths of Ossipee Lake in full scuba gear! 


One of the best ways for kids to get exercise, learn teamwork, and make new friends is through sports. Whether your child likes to play for fun or has dreams of being the next sports star, there are all kinds of games happening every day at Camp Cody. 

We have traditional activities like Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Dance, and Football. Each sport has expert instructors and coaches who teach techniques alongside scrimmages so campers can improve their skills. We also offer a few unique sports activities such as Fencing, Archery, Land Hockey, Yoga, Gymnastics, Fishing, and Laser Tag. This may be your child’s chance to try a new sport they don’t have access to back home.

Our signature sports programs include Tennis, Golf Lessons, and Equestrian. Tennis and golf are unique as sports because it’s just one child playing without a team. That’s why we offer private instruction to campers who choose this activity, taking the form of one-on-one lessons and small group clinics. 

Equestrian is another one of our most unique activities. It’s the only one where campers interact with a live animal! Our horses are friendly and well-trained, perfect for a beginner who’s never ridden before or for the horseback enthusiast looking to advance their skills. Every camper gets an “evaluation ride” so we can determine what level they’re at. They’ll learn to take care of the horses, their gear, basic terminology, ring etiquette, and of course, how to ride!


Campers have such brilliant, creative minds. We believe every camper at Camp Cody has untapped potential to create something new and awe-inspiring. That’s why we offer hands-on activities like Rocketry, Videography, Crafts, Music, Ceramics, Cooking, and Woodworking

It’s an honor to watch a camper pick up some clay for the first time and create a stunning vase by the end of their session. Or maybe they’ll learn how to shoot and edit film footage so they can become a producer or director someday. Our staff ensures everyone is getting the encouragement and support they need to get better at something they love.


One of the benefits of Camp Cody’s location in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is that we double as a nature camp. Many of our activities take place outdoors, but a core part of our philosophy is that nature is something to admire, not fear. We focus on that statement with our activities Cook Outdoors and Survival Skills. Campers learn how to pitch tents, make a fire, identify edible plants, correctly name animals, and more. 

Finally, our most fun signature activity is our Adventure Trips. Campers get to leave base camp for a week to go white water rafting Acadia, walk on 50-foot high ropes in Maine, or deep sea fish in the Atlantic! All trips are well-supervised and instructed by experts. They’re one of our most popular—and most fun!—activities at summer camp. 

Activate Adventure at Camp Cody

No matter what your child’s skills or passions are, there’s a camp activity waiting for them at Camp Cody! Check out more information about our offered activities if they come here for the summer.

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