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How to Get Your Kids to Unplug Once Summer Camp is Over

Camp Cody Team 10/14/2020

Many kids go into summer camp attached to their electronics but once summer ends they’ve learned to embrace nature. Summer camp offers kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and take in their surroundings. Once kids return home, you may find them eager to go outside and engage in more activities. It’s important to encourage your little ones to stay active and not be hooked on video games and social media, and although this may seem impossible, there are steps you can take. Read on for some advice from our camp staff.

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Go for a Family Hike

A family hike once a week gives everyone the time to bond and discuss work and school. Kids can experience new places in the area and take a break from electronics. Fresh air helps with anxiety and stress so hiking on the weekends is the perfect activity to unwind after a week of homework and exams.

Have Designated Screen Time

Getting away from the screen is difficult. We’re surrounded by phones, computers, tablets and laptops at home, school, and at work. However, this doesn’t mean we need to be glued to the screen every chance we get. Setting aside time for your child to use electronics can be extremely helpful to their social development. They’ll be spending more time outside, getting exercise and interacting with their peers and siblings.

Set Up a Book Club

A family book club is a great way to get everyone talking, especially at the dinner table. This is an educational activity that helps improve memory, comprehension, and spelling. Spending time reading is much healthier than mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

Remove Screens from the Bedroom

When kids have televisions and cell phones in their room they can be up all hours of the night which has a negative impact on them the next morning. Kids go to school tired which means they have a hard time concentrating and their academics can suffer. Removing electronics from the bedroom will also give kids time to relax and read before bed.

Unplug at Our NH Summer Camp

At Camp Cody, we’re all about unplugging from electronics and experiencing nature! Our co-ed summer camp is situated in Freedom, NH along the gorgeous Lake Ossipee where kids can spend their days kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, sailing, and so much more. We’re also situated near the White Mountains which means plenty of hiking opportunities. Rather than spending the summer inside online, kids are exploring new activities that get them moving.

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