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How to Have the Best Summer Camp Experience, According to Experts

Camp Cody Team 09/21/2020

Joining summer camp can be an overwhelming experience for new campers, especially for children that are shy or anxious. Did you know that even the shyest kids have the best time at summer camp? This is truly a remarkable time for kids to go out and experience new activities and develop a sense of independence. Our expert staff has put together a list of ways campers can have the best summer camp experience. Read on to find out how!

Plan Ahead

If you’re a last minute planner, this might be the time to start planning ahead! Researching the camp takes time and consideration. You’ll want to see what items to bring, discuss the different activities, and begin labeling items. Planning ahead will alleviate any anxiety for your camper. He or she will go into camp knowing everything has been properly thought out.

Don’t Worry About Getting Sick

Being in a new place without parents can be intimidating and kids can start to wonder what to do if they get sick or injured. Rest assured, there is medical staff on hand who are at the ready to assist if a problem should arise. If your son or daughter has allergies or personal medications or subscriptions, just let us know before they arrive.

Participate in Ice Breakers

Even if your child is shy, they’ll be encouraged to participate in some exciting ice breakers. Talk to your son or daughter beforehand to let them know about all of the ice breakers and games! As they try out ice breakers they will be more inclined to open up to others and start building friendships.

Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much Right Away

Asking others about themselves shows that you’re trying to get to know them. Fellow campers and counselors come from all over the world which presents an opportunity to learn about other cultures. Being interested in others is an excellent way to start making friends.

Try Out Activities, Even if They are Scary

Facing your fears goes a long way especially when starting off young. If your child tries out just a few difficult activities whether it’s ziplining or standup paddleboarding, they’ll feel accomplished and confident. You’ll notice their new attitude when they arrive home. This also makes it easier for them to tackle other things that might pose challenging.

Follow the Rules

Rules are put in place so campers have a safe experience. Following the rules builds trust with the camp counselors which leads to a much more enjoyable time at camp. Breaking curfew, bringing in electronics, and being mean toward other campers are all forbidden at summer camp.

Get Your Friends’ Contact Information

Before leaving camp, make sure your son or daughter gets his or her’s friends’ contact information. Staying in touch post summer camp will get them eager to attend next year as they bond throughout the school year.

Attend Camp Cody for the Best Summer Camp Experience

At Camp Cody, we’re a judgement-free zone where campers can thrive. We offer a wide array of summer camp activities including water skiing, cooking, beadwork, tennis, soccer, arts and crafts, wakeboarding, and so much more. Nestled along Ossipee Lake, Camp Cody provides campers with stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere where they can feel at ease the entire summer. It’s our goal to ensure each and every camper has a memorable time at camp and comes out of the experience with new, lifelong friends.


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