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Our Favorite Summer Camp Activities for Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Camp Cody Team 07/28/2021

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It’s often said that the best way to grow as an individual is to break out of your comfort zone. By human nature we all crave adventure and excitement, but fear of the unknown can hinder our confidence in taking that leap of faith. Here at Camp Cody we love seeing our campers take that leap and ultimately break out of their comfort zone – in fact, our core values encourage campers to try something new though the power of positive reinforcement.

You might not realize it, but just by attending summer camp you’re already embarking on a new adventure. For many campers, summer camp might be their first time away from home. At first this new experience might seem frightening, but by the time camp wraps up no one ever wants to leave. Camp Cody is routinely regarded as one of the best summer camps in New England, as our campers learn important team-building and problem-solving skills all while having the time of their life.

Breaking out of one’s comfort zone can be tough, but never impossible. Our summer camp activities teach campers to keep an open mindset, along with a strong sense of perseverance. Here’s a glimpse at a few of our favorite summer camp activities that truly encourage campers to break out of their comfort zone.


Basketball is one of our favorite team-building activities. Whether you’re a novice or the next Larry Bird, all skill levels are welcome! Our lessons begin by covering a range of passing, dribbling, shooting and defensive drills before jumping into (fun) scrimmages and games that help inspire teamwork and collaboration.

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Paddle boarding is an awesome way to get out on the water on the perfect summer day! In many ways, paddle boarding is akin to riding a bike – at first it’s going to feel weird and finding your balance is going to be tricky, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Just remember, everyone falls off their board at some point, but getting back up is what makes you stronger!

Scuba Diving

Is there anything more thrilling than exploring the depths? Our scuba program takes campers on an incredible trip to explore one of New Hampshire’s most amazing bodies of water, Lake Ossipee. All of our instructors are NAUI-certified and extremely diligent when it comes to teaching campers about the safe underwater exploration. With scuba diving, the goal is fun and excitement though safety is always the priority.

Adventure Trips

Ever dream of going white water rafting down the rushing Kennebec or Pemigewasset rivers, or walk across a 50-foot high rope or even deep sea fish in the Atlantic Ocean? If adventure and excitement is screaming your name, then signing up for our signature One-Week Adventure Trips are perfect for you! These type of summer camp activities are the ultimate way to break out of that comfort zone. We offer four separate groups based on age: White Mountain Journey (ages 12-13), Acadia Exploration (age 14), Seacoast Odyssey (age 15) and Destination Nova Scotia (age 16).

Take a Leap of Faith

These summer camp activities are just a small sample of what’s offered at Camp Cody. Our summer camp programs are jam-packed with exciting and adventurous activities on the daily! A message for all our campers: challenge yourself to try something new every day. No matter if you love it or hate, you’ve at least put yourself out there and that’s the first step! And who knows, you might just find your new favorite hobby or develop a new skill along the way.

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