Franklin, MA

Connection to Camp

9 Years • Cody Counselor


Position: Pioneer Girls Group Leader

I look forward to coming back to Camp Cody every second that I’m away. I love meeting all different people from around the world and working with our team of incredible counselors or or kind and passionate about working with children. The combination of my love for working with kids and the amazing people I met here each summer are why I keep coming back year after year. For me, Camp Cody means my place where I became a more confident and independent individual. Cody is a place where I associate only positive memories of growth and of course fun. It’s a place where I can be myself and forget about the stresses of home and school.

Being a group leader for younger children, I often have campers that are homesick. This summer, I had a girl that cried almost every night of the first week. I worked closely with her counselors to keep her active and engaged, and one day she came up to me and said that she wanted to stay at camp forever. She began to tell me about all the activities she loved and about all of the friends she had made. I was so happy I could help her overcome her fear and she grew so much in those two short weeks!

A big lesson that I learned at Camp Cody is to have confidence in yourself. I remember coming to Cody at 11 years-old and when my parents dropped off, I definitely did not want to stay. I was nervous and quiet so making friends was not going to be easy. However, as the days passed, I began to open up with my cabin mates and I became what I now know as myself. My confidence grew as I realized I was able to make decisions on my own and I had a new sense of independence being able to think and act for myself in such a supportive environment.