Connection to Camp

1 Year • Cody Counselor


To me, Camp Cody means a new and exciting experience in my life with new challenges everyday. My co-workers and the atmosphere here are so special, and the joy and happiness our team had coming to work everyday always made me smile. I loved my job from the beginning, we had a great team and great shifts. This position taught me how important it is to adapt and be on our feet because we feed so many campers everyday and have to be mindful of different dietary restrictions to make sure everyone has what the need. Our kitchen was a great place to learn how to work together as a team to reach our common goal, making sure our campers were healthy and well fed! Since I was working with an international team from all around the world, I also learned so much about other nationalities and cultures. This experience made me more open-minded and highlighted how special our team and our camp really is for bringing so many different worlds together.