Centerville, MA

Connection to Camp

1 Year • Cody Counselor


It has been great to be part of the nursing team in the health center this summer. We all come from different nursing backgrounds but all enjoy working with children, a few of us even brought our own kids to camp! I had the opportunity to witness many small moments of kindness and compassions among all age levels of campers and seeing them reach out to help others is really special, and it made me realize the true spirit and heart of Camp Cody. Camp nursing is a bit different than regular nursing as there is a little more mothering needed. With the nurses and Camp Moms working closely together, we make sure that all of our campers stay happy and healthy throughout their time with us and that when they do need help, we comfort them and give them that care and attention that they need. A little extra TLC goes a long way in making our campers feel better so they can return to the fun!