Camp Cody: The Best Co-ed Summer Camp in New Hampshire

While you may think of New Hampshire and picture ski trips or snowy weekend getaways, there are plenty of activities for any outdoor adventurer to do year-round. New Hampshire is a popular getaway during the summer months, with activities like hiking, kayaking, swimming and more! There’s something for anyone, especially your young ones.

Summer camps provide your son or daughter with a unique opportunity to make new friends while trekking hiking trails, participating in sports competitions, or tapping into their creative side, all while making lifelong friendships and lasting impressions. A summer spent at Camp Cody will guarantee an unforgettable one for your child.


There are many things that take place at a New Hampshire summer camp that your child doesn’t get to experience at home. Your child will have the chance to make new friends, spend more time outdoors, and become more confident and aware of their surroundings. Part of this growth comes from being away from home. But it also comes from participating in a social environment like at Camp Cody, which is filled with boys and girls, just like how they would experience in the real world.

Camp Cody is more than a traditional New Hampshire co-ed summer camp. We provide unique experiences for each camper, from activities that foster their growth and development to meeting new friends from different backgrounds. We want all of our campers to interact naturally and learn to relate to each other as not just members of the opposite gender, but just as humans.

We have programs for campers of all ages, starting from 7 through 17. We also customize your child’s camp experience at each developmental stage, so your child is introduced to new activities as they age. Your child is not only exposed to other campers of various backgrounds, but they’re also introduced to campers of all ages.


Choosing where to send your child off for summer camp is no easy task, which is why at Camp Cody, we make the process smoother with phone screenings, home visits to better understand your child’s background and interests, and crafting a personalized summer experience to their liking. Not only do we customize programs with activities they would enjoy, we also hand-pick each cabin community, meal seating, and off-site activities to ensure each camper is bound to create lasting friendships and memories.

With our campsite being in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest, our campers get to participate in a range of activities from land to water, including land sports baseball and volleyball, water sports like swimming and kayaking, and creative arts activities like theater and set design. While we make sure your child is enrolled in activities of their interest, we also push them to try activities outside of their comfort zone. But no matter what your child’s interests are, at Camp Cody, we have something for them.

And while your child is away from home, know that they are never alone because they are constantly surrounded by their fellow campers and our encouraging camp counselors.

Let Camp Cody be your child’s home away from home during the summer! Enroll in our NH summer camp today!