girls rowing in a canoe


Sculling & Sweep

Cody offers lessons in Sculling and Sweep Rowing. Sculling is rowing in a single or double shell with two oars. Sweep rowing takes place in a bigger shell (four to eight people) with one oar per person. Campers receive both land training and on-the-water instruction.

Beginners learn the basics of rowing: the necessary equipment, how to carry the boat and oars, the importance of maintaining equipment, proper technique while rowing and water safety issues while rowing.

Perfecting the Oar

In their lessons, campers will become more adept through drills, practice and experience on the water. Campers learn rigging, which is the ability to adjust a rowing rigger and oars for their body; forward stroke, which teaches campers to work on their catch, release, drive and recovery; good body posture and body mechanics; exiting and entering the boat; and turning strokes.

As campers advance, lessons concentrate on balance and the addition of power to the stroke and safety, while improving both technical skill and physical conditioning.

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