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Questions to Ask

Questions To Ask

Is Cody Right for My Child?

What is the right session length for my child?

For us, it’s simple: the more time you spend at camp, the more fun you have! As long as campers are open to the full camp experience, we are certain they will thrive. Don’t get us wrong — going to camp for the first time is not always easy. Even the most seasoned campers experience homesickness from time to time, distracting them from the fun, but we encourage parents to encourage campers to give it a shot!

What is the role of the Director?

The Director is the leader of camp and the point of reference for parents, campers and staff. The Director often interacts with all three to keep things running smoothly and ensure everyone has what they need for an extraordinary summer. Ultimately, the Director is responsible for safety, quality of programming and camp life and contacting parents about their child(ren).

I've noticed the ACA accreditation logo on your site. What is this and why is it important?

The American Camp Association accreditation is important because it educates camp administrations about programming, health and safety of both campers and staff. The standards of the accreditation ensure that camps are safe places and positive environments for children to flourish. They key to this achievement is met by establishing the basic policies, procedures and practices every camp must follow in order to make every summer great!

What is your camper-to-counselor ratio?

At Camp Cody, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide social and emotional support to campers during their camp experience. To help campers flourish and be the best (and happiest!) version of themselves, we maintain a 3:1 counselor to camper ratio. A large, knowledgeable staff dedicated to camper growth and happiness makes us unique. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is your camper return rate?

We aren’t surprised to know that many campers who started at Cody as Pioneers are now counselors — though they do remind us that Camp Cody is awesome! Those who stay at Cody for many summers of fun look forward to spending a few weeks each year with friends and counselors on the shores of Ossipee Lake. Our current return rate is about 50%.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Who will take care of my child if they are injured?

Camp Cody has an extensive team of registered nurses housed on-site to care for any of your child’s medical needs. In the event that they are injured and cannot be cared for by our staff, an on-call doctor will promptly visit our campus to provide medical attention. In the unlikely event of a serious injury, campers will be driven to the Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH, just 15 minutes away for treatment. Parents will be notified of the injury and following steps. If parents or guardians cannot be reached, Cody has the right to provide health services appropriate to the situation without parental consent. We take these measures to ensure your camper is always at 100%. If they’re not, we make sure they get there as quickly as possible so that they have the best summer ever!

Will my child's counselor be able to handle...?

Our counselors graduate from extensive training so that they can confidently handle whatever situation may arise — whether in the cabin, on the courts, or in the water. However, if the responsibilities of the situation lay outside of their purview, counselors are quick to inform the appropriate personnel of the situation and get help – whether from division leaders, nurses, or administrative staff. Our counselors are trained to assess risk before accidents happen, and learn to identify campers’ emotional needs to keep the effects of homesickness at bay.

What if my child sleepwalks?

Again, our counselors are trained to assess risks all around camp to ensure campers are as safe as possible. If your child sleepwalks at home, please inform us on the required parent form(s) so we can take precautionary measures, such as hanging a bell on the handle of the cabin, or being extra vigilant in the night. It is possible that children will sleepwalk at camp for the first time, but not to worry! Our counselors receive proper training on how to handle these situations should they arise.

How do you handle bed wetting?

For campers of any age, bed wetting can be a sensitive topic. Our counselors are always discreet in addressing these situations and work with campers to overcome the issue, without informing the rest of the cabin. If it happens, we send sheets to be washed while campers are at their daily activities and replace them so no one will ever know!

How do you accommodate children with nut, dairy, gluten, or other allergies?

If your child has an allergy, please be sure to let us know on your required parent forms. After over 90 years of operation, we are very familiar with all kinds of allergies and can confidently deal with them all. Cody is a nut-free campus, offers alternatives and substitutes for dairy (such as soy milk) and has plenty of gluten-free options for your child.

How will my child take his or her medication?

Prescriptions will be kept in the Health Center (with the exception of inhalers, EpiPens) and are administered by nurses as needed. Due to regulations, all domestic campers’ medication must go through CampMeds, an organization that fills campers’ prescriptions in daily dosage packages. CampMeds sends these packages directly to Cody so your camper’s medication will be ready for their arrival.

Getting Ready for Camp

Do you allow iPods, phones, or video games?

Cody is a technology-free camp. iPods, phones, or video game devices are not allowed because we want campers to bond with each other and excel in their activities. However, this does not mean that your camper will be out of touch. In addition to scheduling calls with parents for campers, we encourage families to write letters and keep in touch the “old-fashioned” way! When the mail is delivered each day, your camper will always have something to look forward to and preoccupy their time with.

How do campers get to Cody?

Car, train, airplane, boat, teleportation device… You name it! We ensure that every camper makes it to Cody regardless of their mode of transport along the way. Our counselors make frequent trips to the surrounding airports with Cody vans to pick up both domestic and international campers at the start and end of each session. If other special arrangements are necessary to get your camper to Cody, we will make it happen!

What should I pack?

Packing for camp can be a daunting task, but not to worry! We send you a packing list in the mail with our other forms so that your camper can be super prepared for a jam-packed summer full of fun!

How are cabin assignments made?

Our goal is to create a dynamic cabin carefully chosen to ensure that campers have bunkmates who share similar interests, relate to one another, and enrich cabin diversity. While this process is largely up to our administrative team, campers may request friends or even family members of the same gender to be a bunkmate. We do our best to match each camper’s personality and needs with other campers and counselors in the cabin, ensuring campers feel at home and have a blast – every summer!

Staying in Touch

How can I stay in touch with my camper(s)?

Campers LOVE to receive mail from friends and family because it gives them something to look forward to each day after activities. Address your letters to:

Camper Name, Cabin Name (if you know it)

Camp Cody

9 Cody Road

Freedom, NH 03836

Alternatively, you can send your camper an email which we will print and deliver to them. See Camp Letters for more information.

Is there a way to see what's going on at camp?

Yes! While contact is somewhat limited, parents can always hop on Facebook to see photos uploaded by our camp photographers at least twice a day. With thousands of photos to sift through, you are bound to find some amazing shots of your camper doing various activities – some of which they’ve never done before!

Can I visit?

One of the biggest challenges campers meet at Cody is learning independence. We know it can be rough, but we truly believe that a healthy amount of distance mixed with a little bit of contact will help children blossom and thrive while away for the summer. After all, the goal is to have fun! For this reason, we usually do not permit parents to visit while camp is in session.

How will I know if my child is thriving at camp?

At Cody, we are experts in communication. To let you know your child is settling in well, our division leaders will call you in the first few days of your camper’s stay so you can know how he/she is doing. If you have questions or concerns, you may call at any time to speak to your camper’s division leader or counselor. But don’t worry, they are in good hands!

Can I send packages?

We know campers love receiving mail, and even packages! Friends and family may send packages while their camper is away at camp, however, please keep your sending somewhat limited to required items your camper may have forgotten or special gifts for special occasions such as birthdays. Please keep in mind that all parcels are opened by the office staff to ensure no food, candy, or gum is sent – so kindly remind friends and family not to send them!

What’s Included in the Camp Term Fee?

Are there any extra costs?

There are no extra costs or hidden fees beyond payment for the session and the deposit, however, we offer a variety of add-ons in the form of special activities which enrich the camp experience. For example, parents can pay extra for scuba lessons, horseback riding, tutoring, private tennis lessons, and golf lessons. We also charge an additional fee for transportation from the airport and/or from pickup locations in NY and CT, but parents always have the option to drive their children to camp at no extra cost. For those entering the country, we provide an international package which covers everything from linens to trips. Learn more about our special add-on programs and our international package by visiting Dates & Tuition.

How is laundry handled?

There’s no need to worry whether or not your camper has clean clothes each day – that’s what our counselors and Camp Moms do! Dirty items are collected from cabins each week and taken off site for laundering.

What about a camp uniform?

Campers at Cody are not required to wear a uniform, but why not get them some Cody gear? We have t-shirts, hats, shorts, sweatpants, you name it! When you register your camper, we provide a form in the parent packet through which you can order these items. We will have any orders ready for campers once they arrive for their session, so they can wear their gear at camp!

Will I get any news or pictures from camp?

Of course! Photos are uploaded everyday to our Director’s Facebook account, shared only with the Cody community. Nearly 600 pictures are posted daily, so don’t worry about missing your camper – you’re bound to find him/her bouncing on the Wibit, hitting a ball out of the park, scoring a goal, or painting a picture to mail home!

Will my child need spending money?

Campers don’t need to bring money to camp, but they can choose to spend money on trips if they please. Any cash sent with your camper is securely deposited directly into our office safe, for safe-keeping!

What is the cancellation policy?

The $500 deposit required for camp is 100% refundable by January 31st, after which everything is refundable until May 1st except the deposit.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (603) 539 – 4497 or email