Q: What is the background of Cody?
Cody comes from a summer camp heritage that dates back to 1926. Each summer, young men and women 8-15 years old, join us from over twenty states and a dozen nations. With a capacity of over 400 campers and staff of over 200, Cody has one of the best camper/staff ratios in the nation at better than 3:1. Campers receive individual and small group in-depth skill instruction in a wide range of activities. They try new activities, increase skill levels, build self-confidence and have great fun!

Q: Where is Cody located?
Cody is located beside the White Mountain National Forest of eastern New Hampshire. We are two hours north of Boston by car or bus, and one hour north of New York City by Plane. Maine’s state line is eight miles away, with the Atlantic Ocean and Portland airport only a fifty minute drive. If you drive to Cody major turnpikes come within 30 miles. If traveling by bus, make your way to Boston’s Logan airport, or down-town Boston. Get on a bus heading to West Ossipee, NH. Bus service arrives once or twice daily. If flying, travel to Boston’s Logan airport and get the bus from the airport to West Ossipee, New Hampshire.

Q: What are Cody’s site and facilities like?
Cody is located on nearly one hundred acres and a mile of superb beach-front on Lake Ossipee. Lake Ossipee is approximately four miles long, and two miles wide. The lake is spring fed, warm and clear, with a natural sand bottom and sand beaches. Surround by mountains, our National Forest setting is magnificent.

With well over one million dollars re-invested in the last decade, Cody provides campers with one of the best equipped summer camps in the country. Our buildings are either new, or have undergone major expansion and refinishing in the last ten years. Also, within our activity departments almost all equipment has been replaced and updated within the last five years.

Our major buildings include: Large office building with canteen and library; huge gymnasium with stage and weights room and sound room; a large dining room; a very large social hall; a large elaborate kitchen (serves great food!); a staff lounge; a fully equipped medical infirmary; laundry building, a large shower house; a modern woodworking shop; arts and crafts building; a computer room; a dance studio; a gymnastics building; a nature center; a large maintenance building; and assorted storage buildings. Our fields comprise: baseball diamond, soccer, and football field. We have the following courts: One volleyball court, a full-size roller-hockey arena, one floodlit street-hockey arena, a floodlit 5-aside soccer arena; two floodlit basketball courts, seven tennis courts (4 floodlit). Cody also has two archery ranges and a riflery range. There are also 32 cabins (6-8 campers with 2-3 staff) each with sinks, bathrooms and electricity.

Q: What kind of equipment is used at Cody?
Equipment in all program and non-program areas at Cody is modern and plentiful. Cody’s waterfront has modern water-ski boats, snorkeling and scuba equipment, top-of-the-line sail boats, windsurfers, lake and trip canoes, and kayaks. On the land, all sports equipment is new as of the last few years. Facilities and equipment in our individual activities are top of the line, whether we’re teaching woodworking, or instructing computers on PCs. Tennis and hockey teach on modern courts and arena, and our woodworking building is ranked one of the best of any camp in the nation. Archery and riflery departments teach with modern target equipment. Our medical facilities are well equipped, as is our main camp kitchen and maintenance department.

Q: What are the campers like at Cody?
Cody’s campers join us from all over North America, and about a dozen other nations. Despite coming from different locations, our campers share much in common with each other. Our campers are usually good natured, fun, and well-rounded and naturally there are no ages, sexual, religious, nor ethnic restrictions for our clientele or our staff.

Q: What are the general staff duties at Cody?
All staff are responsible for the general health and welfare of our campers, and the care of facilities and equipment. In a cabin setting, counselors supervise day-today living, clean up and meals. Counselors also work in their specialty area, whether teaching, or support staff duties. Staff rotate nightly in-cabin coverage with other cabin staff. Cody staff also help run special events or evening programs as needed, and Cody’s staff will also leave camp on certain camp trips to provide supervision. Maintenance staff care for overall cleanup and trash collections, repairs or minor construction projects, painting, grass and grounds care. Kitchen, medical and office staff have obvious duties. For detailed descriptions of duties, please call.

Q: What are the staff facilities like?
Staff have access to many camp activities and facilities,including a computer room for internet use. Our requirements are the following: 1) Staff must be on a day off, or have free time cleared by the office when they are not assigned to a department, cabin or special event. 2) Staff may not participate in an activity that is teaching campers at that time, unless they have permission from the staff running that activity. 3) Staff must check with department heads before joining or doing any activity during free time. Certain activities can only be done with certified staff supervision by official camp instructors (archery, woodworking, all waterfront). Camp vehicles will only be provided for staff use if they are not needed for the regular program and when designated drivers are available to drive. Camp vehicles may only be driven by a camp designated driver. Camp designated drivers may not consume any alcoholic beverages whilst on a staff trip. Most local establishments give free non-alcoholic drinks to staff assigned as designated drivers.

Q: What are the staff benefits?
Salaries reflect the size of our camp and the age, experience, and position of an employee. Room, board, weekly laundry and workman’s compensation is free and the state has no sales tax. Staff cars are permitted (we need copy of license/registration). There are two days off per session and some free time daily. Most staff live and eat with campers. Staff coming before staff week or stay after camp for post season work, are paid $150.00 per week with room and board provided free. Cody is academically accredited for staff doing field work credits in recreation/camping/phys-ed etc. We enjoy a large staff return and employment is by formal contract under N.H state laws.

Q: What is the staff application procedure?
If you are interested in joining us at Cody, please carefully fill in and submit the staff application form. Follow-up interviews will be held in person when feasible, or by phone. Attach any additional materials or certificates that you wish to the application (copies not originals). Along with the staff application, we’d appreciate a recent ID photo, social security number of US citizens, and names and phone numbers of references. References should be for previous jobs. If you have had any previous experience working with children, in any capacity, please enclose this with your references. Always feel free to call or write with any questions. After acceptance of employment, you will receive a formal contract of employment. Following this, reference letters, copies of any certificates or licenses must be supplied. During the spring, we’ll supply medical forms, maps, staff rosters, travel tips and suggestions on what to bring to camp. Staff coming from overseas will also receive additional information for our International Staff Information Fact-Sheet.