Forms & Paperwork

Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations and welcome to the Camp Cody family! We’re all looking forward to another memorable summer filled with friends, hard work, new experiences and a ton of fun. However, before we can kickoff the summer we’ll need all new and returning staff to login here MyCampCody and complete your staff forms.

Here is what we’ll need photocopied, scanned or photographed:

  • Social security card
  • Front/back of driving license
  • Any certification cards or certificates

Commonly Asked Question(s?)

Question: The medical forms say “Camper” but I’m a staff member.  What’s up with that!?

Answer:  Don’t worry, even though it says “Camper” this is the correct medical form for you to fill out.  We get them from the American Camp Association and that’s just the way they roll in Indiana.   If there will be a huge delay in submitting your employment documents, you may complete your medical forms separately as well as your “Staff Travel Form”, if you have not made travel arrangements yet.

Question: I’m a college student and I might not have the same address after the summer. What address should I use for my W-4?

Answer: The address you need to list on your W-4 is the address you want your W-2 tax forms sent to next winter. If you are not sure where you will be living next winter, we’d suggest you use a parental address.

Question: If confused and have a question.  What do I do!?

Answer:  Don’t fear, Dean is here!  Just shoot him an email at