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3 Types of Clothing You Should Bring to Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 04/30/2021

Camp Cody gives kids the opportunity to spend time outdoors which means it is essential that campers pack the right kind of clothing for upcoming adventures. Following these three tips will help provide a more comfortable, and safe camp experience for your child! 

Natural Fibers

Cotton and linen clothes are a great item to pack because it’s a more breathable material that will help cool you off when you’re spending all day in the heat. These natural fibers are also more resistant to any wear and tear that you may experience when participating in outdoor activities.

Clothing with Light Colors

Dark-colored clothing will result in more absorption from the sun’s UV-rays so it is vital to bring light-colored clothing that is more resistant to the sunlight. Since light-colored clothing reflects UV-rays, it will keep you much cooler and you will be less affected by sunburn. Just because your body won’t retain as much sun, doesn’t mean you should skip putting on sunscreen!

Light-Weight Fabrics

Your summer camp wardrobe should not only include light-colored clothing, but clothing should be lightweight. Having baggier clothing will provide more airflow to help cool you off. Try to avoid graphic tees because these are known to be heavy in size. Lightweight clothing when you are constantly active outdoors in the heat will prevent you from sweating as much. 

About Camp Cody

Camp Cody is located in Freedom, New Hampshire on the shores of Ossipee Lake. Our lakefront campus is surrounded by tall pines and natural beauty, with the White Mountain National Forest as our backdrop. We offer a wide variety of activities including wakeboarding, water skiing, canoeing, baseball, tennis, soccer, flag football, and so much more.

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