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Explore Activities at Our Sleepaway Camp

Camp Cody Team 03/26/2021

At Camp Cody, our main focus is providing and maintaining a safe and respectful environment that encourages personal growth. Our sleepaway camp has a vast assortment of fun outdoor activities designed specifically for each individual’s interests. Although sleepaway camp is about having fun and meeting new people, we make sure to incorporate structure to help educate our campers on social responsibility. Through our activities, campers learn about independence and resilience,  build confidence, and discover new skills! 

Check Out Some Activities Offered at Our Camp:


At sleepaway camp, campers have the opportunity to enhance their tennis skills either individually or as a team. For beginners, they have the ability to learn the rules and regulations of tennis and learn all the basic fundamentals of how the game is played.  As the player advances, they are open to learning about different kinds of strokes and spins that can be performed.  Drills, game strategies, and point play are also used to help master their technique!


Camp Cody’s golf lessons are designed to empower campers both on and off the course while cultivating a love for the game of golf. Our experienced instructors will guide you through all of the elements of the game of golf depending on your level of experience. Campers will learn how to play the game with the same strategies and creativity used by the professionals! 


Wakeboarding is a riveting experience for all campers. If it is your first time wakeboarding, no need to worry! Our campers can practice a steady grip and board stance to get comfortable before moving on to the real thing. Wakeboarding is one of the most popular water activities we have to offer!


Basketball is a great opportunity to learn how to be part of a team and work together at sleepaway camp. You have the ability to work on individual skills like shooting the ball, dribbling and just learning the overall strategy of the game. Once you have mastered your individual skills, you can join in on scrimmages to learn how the game is played from a team perspective! This is the perfect sport for collaborative fun!


Canoeing is an excellent choice for a fun, relaxing day on the water! Ossipee Lake is a calm and beautiful place to learn the fundamentals of canoeing at sleepaway camp. Campers have the ability to explore off-site and meet new people!

Adventure Trips 

We have an extensive One-Week signature Adventure Trip program that allows campers to hike, fish, white water raft, and more! Providing these outdoor activities in a group setting is a great way for the campers to build trust and responsibility with each other. We divide the activities based on ages, but regardless of age, every activity is a fun and rewarding experience! 

Camp Cody is located in Freedom, NH, right along the breathtaking Ossipee Lake. We’ve been providing exciting and rewarding camp experiences for children and teens for years and we’re thrilled to be reopening this upcoming summer! Fill out a form or request a brochure to get in touch with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (603) 539-4997 today!


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