Coed summer camp

5 Important Things Kids Learn from a Co-ed Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 12/12/2020

Summer camp is a great time for children to grow, gain independence and build confidence in a new environment. And, perhaps what makes the biggest impact at summer camp isn’t the location or activities, but the people and fellow campers who make camp special.

Our summer camp is structured to mimic the real world, to best support the growth and learning environment of our campers. In turn, Camp Cody programming is organized so younger campers spend most of their time with the same gender, while older campers are more integrated.

Coed summer camp is specifically organized and supervised to ensure the growth and development of campers. At Camp Cody, everyone becomes your summer family! The boys and girls you meet at camp become lifelong friends in our inclusive community. Here are five lessons campers learn at coed summer camp:

Communication Skills

At co-ed summer camp, campers learn to work and communicate with children of the opposite sex. Through team building activities, ice breakers, and day to day camp tasks, campers build important communication skills. These communication skills translate to the real world, where children experience daily interaction with the opposite gender.

Respect for Opposite Gender

Children can sometimes view the opposite gender as from an entirely different world! Working alongside the opposite gender can help campers build respect for one another. Campers learn they can still have respect and understanding for those different from themselves.

Self Confidence 

Overnight summer camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to gain confidence in the independence they find away from home. Campers learn to take responsibility for their time, needs, and belongings. At co-ed camp, children build self confidence around campers of both genders.

Balanced Experience

Co-ed summer camp can actually provide a balanced experience for campers, similar to the environment they find themselves in outside of camp. In many ways, co-ed camp may feel familiar to the real world. This can be comforting to new or first-time campers, who may have never left home for an extended period of time. 

New Skills from Diverse Activities

Summer camp is a great opportunity for children to learn new skills and find unique hobbies. At co-ed camp, a diverse range of activities doubles the exposure of your child to new interests! Co-ed summer camps offer activities that might not be found at single gender camps. Girls can compete with the boys on the basketball court, and boys can try activities that may not be found at a traditional boys’ summer camp.

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