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Activities Kids Can Try at Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 12/05/2020

Choosing a summer camp can be a difficult decision especially with all the activities available. Some summer camps offer one core activity, performance arts, sports or they are geared toward religion or education. Let’s take a look at some activities children can try out at summer camp!


Archery has plenty of benefits for children including increased mental focus and self-discipline, improved hand and eye coordination, stress relief, teamwork and sportsmanship, patience and self-control. Summer campers will learn how to increase their attention span as well as deal with staying composed under pressure. 


Soccer is a great team sport that all kids can participate in. Co-ed sports allow children the opportunity to work as a team and set goals together. Along with soccer, other team based activities are popular at summer camp including basketball, volleyball and flag football.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding in the ocean or lake can be quite relaxing for people with anxiety. Paddleboarding allows kids to unplug and be aware of their surroundings, take in unbelievable views and get out of crowded towns or cities. 


Swimming is a go-to activity for summer camps. Children love getting out of the heat and taking some time to swim in the summer. Kids stay active and get some much needed sun, and jumping in a pool is a low-impact, high-intensity activity. At summer camp, campers have the opportunity to make new friends while mastering their swim skills. 

Ropes Course

Ropes courses are one of the best ways to boost confidence and improve communication skills. For campers afraid of heights, ropes courses will help overcome those fears. Campers can engage in positive risk-taking, develop leadership skills, and learn about team cooperation.

Located in Freedom, NH, Camp Cody is situated near the beautiful White Mountains where kids can select from a slew of activities. Along with the activities listed above, kids can dabble in cooking, performance arts, canoeing, kayaking, and so much more.

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