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5 Reasons to Work at a Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Camp Cody Team 07/09/2020

Summer camp is almost a rite of passage in New England, and being a counselor takes this pastime to the next level. At Camp Cody, we embody the aspects of what makes camp special. Located in Freedom, New Hampshire, our campus is sure to bring back the unforgettable memories you made as a kid at summer camp. Our staff is one of our strengths and we’re always looking for new, enthusiastic members of our team.

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Whether you’re arriving as a general or activity counselor, there are so many reasons to work at a New Hampshire summer camp!

1. Nostalgia

Whether you spent your entire childhood going to camp in New Hampshire every summer, or you’re still friends with the campers you met that one summer you attended, there’s nothing like working at summer camp to bring back those incredible memories. From working directly with campers to helping set up activities, this new experience will remind you of why you love camp in the first place. How many summer jobs can do that?

2. Develop Leadership Skills

Most jobs require years of experience to reach a leadership position, but as a counselor, you’re looked upon to lead campers and work with other staff members. Working with both groups at camp improves your creativity, listening, teamwork, and much more. This experience is unique to summer camps and these skills can be utilized at any number of future careers. Plus, it’s a great addition to your resumé.

3. It’s the Best Way to Spend a Summer

There are tons of unique summer jobs, but there’s nothing like working at a summer camp. While other jobs may have you stuck inside all day, working at a summer camp allows you to fully enjoy the summer. New England summers are perfect for spending outdoors and enjoying the sun. Not to mention all the fun that inherently comes with being at a summer camp. If you’re looking to work hard, but still enjoy your summer, this is the perfect choice for you.

4. It’s a Great Way to Meet New People

Making friends with other counselors and staff members is one of the best benefits of working at a summer camp. You’ll be spending long days together and having a ton of fun, making it easy to bond with camp staff. Counselors are fundamental for the success of any camp and we’ve seen so many friendships grow over the years. We pride ourselves on having friendly, helpful staff at Camp Cody and that helps create our strong community. The minute you step onto our campus you’ll feel the incredible atmosphere that wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team.

5.You Can Make a Difference For Campers

Most importantly, working at a summer camp in New Hampshire allows you to help make a difference in the lives of young campers. Remember the amazing counselors and staff members who made your summer camp experience enjoyable? This is an opportunity to use your summer camp experience and make a difference. Creating a positive environment for campers to grow might even lead them to work at a summer camp one day!

Camp Cody provides an authentic New Hampshire summer camp experience for campers and staff. If you’re interested in working at Camp Cody, check out our staff positions and apply today!

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