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10 Exciting Activities Every Summer Camper Should Try

Camp Cody Team 07/06/2020

Summer camp in New Hampshire is a special time for both campers and counselors. Not only are campers and staff surrounded by stunning views, but the diverse landscapes make New Hampshire the perfect place for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. 

At Camp Cody, we’re proudly located in Freedom, NH, on the shores of Ossipee Lake, where campers enjoy sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. Read on to learn more about these unbelievable activities along with some other activities offered at our New Hampshire summer camp. 

wooded camp campus in front of a lake

1. Kayaking – Children can row independently or opt for a double kayak which encourages them to work together. Since kayaking is a stress-free experience, campers who have never kayaked before often learn fairly quickly. Kids gravitate toward kayaking as they can start or end the day soaking in their surroundings while going at their own pace.


2. Stand Up Paddleboarding – While this is another leisurely activity, stand up paddleboarding can be physically demanding. Campers must stay balanced on the board while paddling, which teaches them about coordination and patience. Although this can be a bit of a workout, paddleboarding helps to increase endurance and build strength. 


3.Windsurfing – It’s not everyday that kids are offered the opportunity to go windsurfing, especially if they don’t live close to a body of water. Windsurfing is a unique water sport that challenges summer campers to push their limits! 


4. Archery – This is one of the best activities for kids to learn hand-eye coordination. Because this is a solo activity, summer campers have to depend on themselves to keep a steady hand and stay motivated. Kids also learn breathing techniques to remain calm and level-headed under pressure.


5. Pickleball – A sport unlike any other, Pickleball is both a competitive and leisurely sport. This innovative sport is quite like tennis but players use a racquet that’s similar to a ping pong paddle. It’s not physically demanding but offers campers a bit of exercise. Kids who want a challenge without the pressure of an intense environment often choose Pickleball. 


6. Scrapbooking – For kids who aren’t fond of sports, scrapbooking is a calming activity that can be done at any time. Scrapbooking has no limitations — kids can let their imaginations run wild. Along with this, kids can bring home the scrapbook and incorporate additional family photos. This is one of the best activities for homesick campers because they get excited about working on this with friends and family when they return home.


7. Cooking – Another great way to get creative! Summer campers absolutely adore cooking, especially with our fresh ingredients. At summer camp, kids learn the basics so they feel more comfortable in the kitchen.


8. Gardening – Whether it’s fruits and veggies or beautiful flowers, gardening is a relaxed activity that kids can do at home with their parents. In fact, this is one of the best family-friendly activities. Gardening is also ideal for kids who feel anxious because gardening offers them the opportunity to work toward a goal and focus on planting. 


9. Woodworking – From building shelves and desks to chairs and end tables, there are endless possibilities when it comes to woodworking. Summer campers learn the fundamentals of woodworking, allowing them to feel completely comfortable taking on different projects.


10. Scuba Diving – NAUI-certified instructors help campers get prepared for a day of incredible fun. New Hampshire has some of the best locations to explore sea life. Not only does Ossipee Lake boast pristine water, but campers don’t need to worry about rip tides or anything harmful below them. All they need to do is dive in and enjoy!

Join Our New Hampshire Summer Camp

Camp Cody is filled with opportunities for campers to engage in new activities and meet kids from other areas. We offer a wide array of summer camp activities including swimming, soccer, tennis, football, yoga, fishing, and of course, all the exciting activities listed above. Our renowned New Hampshire summer camp has something for everyone and we have programs  designed for different age groups

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