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How to Help Your Child with Summer Camp Anxiety

Camp Cody Team 07/12/2020

It’s common for first time campers to experience anxiety a few weeks before venturing off to summer camp. Thinking about making friends, trying new activities, and being in a new place is both exciting and nerve wracking for kids. Our staff has plenty of experience helping kids seamlessly transition into camp. Continue reading for handy tips and tricks to help your child overcome summer camp anxiety.

Involve Your Child – Let your child have some involvement when it comes to the summer camp process. Have him/her browse New Hampshire camps with you – whether it’s online or taking a physical tour. Your child will have plenty of questions which will put their mind at ease once answered.

Give a Quick Goodbye – Don’t linger when dropping your child off at summer camp. An extended goodbye is really difficult for children who are already having trouble parting ways from their parents.

Have Your Child Stay with Friends – A trial run is a good way to get your child used to being away from home. Have your child stay with a friend or family member to see how they feel. They’ll most likely end up having a blast being away from home which will get them excited for summer camp.

Don’t Communicate Your Own Anxiety – As a parent, you might be having anxiety yourself about your child heading off to summer camp. You’ll want to stay calm and upbeat so your energy doesn’t reflect onto your child.

Set Realistic Goals – Talk to your kid about how long summer camp will be, what programs are offered and how they can accomplish different activities. Maybe they have social goals like making a new friend from their bunk. Help by providing tips so they can reach their goals.

Pack a Reminder of Home – A note, favorite stuffed animal, or a photo of the family will make your child feel right at home. Pack a reminder of home so your child feels completely at ease.

Talk to the Staff Ahead of Time – Let the staff know that your child is experiencing anxiety so they are fully aware and can provide some extra attention. This is also reassuring to new summer campers because they’ll know they have someone watching out for them.

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Nestled in Freedom, NH, along Ossipee Lake, Camp Cody offers an inviting atmosphere where every campers feels like family. Campers return year after year, often referring to our summer camp as a “home away from home”. All of our staff members are fully trained and are prepared for any situation. They also have tons of ice breakers which encourage campers to get to know one another and start bonding.

Along with our warm and inviting staff we have plenty of activities for kids to choose from. By getting the kids involved in sports, water activities and arts & crafts, they start to feel more confident and socialize with other campers. Some activities offered at our New Hampshire summer camp include kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding, painting, candle making, baseball, tennis and so much more.

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