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Boosting the Mind: How Summer Camp Improves Kids’ Moods

Camp Cody Team 01/24/2021

2020 has been a year like no other. With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, we’ve all had to shift our lives to stay healthy and happy. Staying inside for months at a time and practicing social distancing will surely help in the long-run but this can take a toll on our mood. Kids need to be outside, enjoying the fresh air or at school where they can interact with other students and learn new skills. Since these experiences are now limited, there has been an increase in anxiety among children.

The staff at Camp Cody understands the many concerns parents have regarding COVID-19 which is why we are gearing up to make next summer the best possible experience for campers. It’s our mission to boost campers’ moods, self esteem, and provide them with plenty of encouragement. To that note, let’s delve into some ways summer camp can improve kids’ moods.

Sense of Community

It’s easy to feel alone as we quarantine during COVID-19 but once summer camp arrives, kids begin to feel like they’re part of something again. The sense of community provided by summer camp makes a major impact on children’s moods. Many of the activities at summer camp are geared toward stimulating social scenarios. Kids also become more socially aware which increases their empathy.

Building Resilience

It can be challenging to feel resilient during these trying times but summer camp has a way of making children resilient in their everyday lives. This ultimately leads to an improvement in mood because kids are beginning to realize they can get through anything. Resilience allows children to take any failures in stride and remain positive through any experience.

Getting Physical

It’s safe to say that we are all in need of some exercise. If you live in a cold area, the winter months can be daunting and it may feel a bit more overwhelming than usual with the pandemic. Summer camp provides kids with plenty of opportunities to connect with nature an engage in physical activities. Spending just one hour a day makes a massive improvement on kids’ moods so you can bet kids will be feeling on top of the world at summer camp.

Join Us at Camp Cody This Summer

Whether your child has been attending summer camp for years or you think he or she will benefit from being away next summer, we encourage you to give our summer camp a try! Located in Freedom, NH on Ossipee Lake, we have over 30+ activities to choose from ranging from water activities like kayaking to creative arts like jewelry making, we have something for everyone. We’ll be practicing social distancing to ensure campers are completely safe, following all health and safety protocols, and regularly sanitizing. One of the major benefits of attending our overnight summer camp is that we have an on-site medical facility with nurses who are available around the clock.

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