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How to Have the Best Possible Overnight Camp Experience

Camp Cody Team 02/05/2021

The Camp Cody staff are eagerly awaiting summer 2021 and we’re doing everything possible to make this the best summer yet! If your child hasn’t attended summer camp before, we’ve put together some helpful tips for them to have the best possible overnight camp experience. Read on for tips from our knowledgable and dedicated staff members.

Participate in Several Summer Camp Activities: Trying out a few summer camp activities is a great way for your child to build confidence and meet other campers. Developing new skills, overcoming obstacles, and working with others to meet a goal, are just a few of the advantages of dabbling in summer camp activities.

Meet Kids From Outside the Bunk: It’s common for kids to mingle in their bunks and this is where many friends are made, but it’s also important for kids to meet other campers as well. We always encourage kids to go outside, get some fresh air as well as check out other cabins and explore the campus.

Engage in Ice Breakers: These are common among summer campers, especially on the first couple of days. We love to ease everyone into camp and let them know they are not alone. Participating in ice breakers is one of the best ways for kids to get out of their comfort zones. Before camp, let your child know that ice breakers are a fun way for others to get know just how great your child is!

Keep an Open Mind: Going into camp open minded is key. Talk to your child beforehand about all of the exciting opportunities that awaits them. Let them know that they should talk to other campers and be accepting of who they are, regardless of how different they may be. Entering summer camp with a positive mindset will open a lot of doors.

Join Us at Camp Cody This Summer

At Camp Cody, we strive to make this a home away from home. Campers often come back each summer and maintain friendships well beyond their summer camp years.. We have a wide variety of activities including archery, kayaking, water skiing and more. Take a peek below!

  • flag football
  • basketball
  • soccer
  • jewelry making
  • cooking
  • ceramics
  • modern dance
  • woodworking

See All Activities

Not only do we have activities to keep campers busy all day long but we have plenty of time for rest and relaxation! When it comes to food and nutrition, we have that covered too. We have an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies served daily, a sandwich bar, snack and juices so kids and pop in and out to grab a bite! We also cater to children with food allergies and Camp Cody is a nut-free campus.

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