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Camp Cody: The Best Camp in New Hampshire

Camp Cody Team 12/04/2019

While many mostly think of New Hampshire and its brisk winter months, there are loads of summer activities that appeal to any outdoor adventurer.  From hiking, to swimming, to kayaking, with the countryside views reflecting into breathtaking lakes, New Hampshire offers all of that and then some.  

A popular getaway during the summer months, New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest is a prime location for many outdoor activities for anyone, especially young ones.  And what better way for your child than to spend their summer than creating memories with new friends at summer camp?

Summer camp is the best way for your young ones to create lifelong friendships and lasting memories they’ll cherish for decades.  And at Camp Cody, we guarantee your camper will have an unforgettable summer!  

What Makes Camp Cody the Best Camp in New Hampshire 

Camp Cody is not just your traditional, overnight summer camp. Camp Cody provides an experience your child will remember throughout the school year, and be excited to come back to the following summer.

Selecting a summer camp for your child may be a daunting task, but at Camp Cody, we walk with you, and your child, every step of the way.  Before your camper sets foot on our campus, we connect with parents to get to know your camper’s background and interests, so we can customize a summer experience to their liking.  We also craft each cabin community so your camper is bound to create lasting friendships, as well as designate meal seating and off-site activities to ensure they can make new friendships outside of their bunks.

Our programs allow for confidence building and fostering skills that they can use throughout the school year and for the rest of their lives.  We have programs for campers of all ages, starting from age 7 up through 17. At each developmental stage, we tailor each camper’s experience to what would suit their age bracket.

The great aspect about our camp site being in New Hampshire is that we can provide a range of activities from land to water, and you can expect a variety of activities for campers of all ages.  Some of our activity offerings include land sports like basketball and tennis, water sports like canoeing and water skiing, as well as performing arts activities like dance and photography. Along with adhering to your child’s interests, we also do our best to help your child venture out and try activities outside of their comfort zone.  Whatever your child’s interests are, we have something here for them. 

We want to ensure that not only will your child will have a memorable summer, but also that you feel comfortable with us handling the care of your child.  While it may feel like they’re out on their own, they are closely surrounded by fellow campers, and our attentive camp counselors, so they are never alone and surrounded by a caring group of people.  While we’re sure that your camper is having a fun time away home, we’ll keep in close contact regarding your child’s experience.

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