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Choosing an Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 04/26/2017

School is underway and it’s time to start thinking about summer camp. Though it seems far away, now is the time to start planning! Many camps have a reduced rate if parents enroll early. Plus, there is always the chance that a camp may fill up before the end of the year. Although it may seem difficult to start piecing together everyone’s schedule for the summer, it is definitely worth at least starting the research.

Here are a few things to think about when considering a summer camp:

  1. How long do your want your child(ren) to spend at camp? There are programs that offer as little as one week and as many as 7 or 8 weeks.
  2. What activities do you want your child(ren) to participate in? Some camps focus on wilderness exploration, adventure activities, or a mix of arts and sports.
  3. Do you want your child(ren) exposed to a diverse group of campers? Many camps have a mix of campers coming from all over the world but some camps tend to pull campers from just a few very specific locations.
  4. Do you feel comfortable with the Camp Directors and Assistant Directors? It is important to speak with the Directors of the camp you are thinking of sending your child to. You need to get a good feeling from the people who will be responsible for your child(ren).

Notice that I didn’t add location to my list. That’s because location shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Whether they are sleeping an hour away or five, the camp staff are still going to be your child’s first point of contact and the first people to respond to any form of emergency. If location is truly a big concern for you, maybe it’s time for a vacation… The New Hampshire White Mountains region looks nice!

– Jess Starkman

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