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Camp Cody Team 09/03/2020

Established in 1926, Camp Cody is a reputable coed sleepaway camp in Freedom, NH. Through our various programs, wide-range of activities, and dedication to a no-clique atmosphere, we’ve been recognized as one of New Hampshire’s best sleepaway camps. Check out some other fun facts about Camp Cody to see why kids return to our summer camp each year.

four girls holding hands and jumping into lakeOssipee Lake: Kids can wake up and feel a sense of tranquility as they walk outside to overlook the gorgeous Ossipee Lake. This glass-like lake provides campers with an abundance of activities, some of which they might not have experienced outside of summer camp. Many of our campers take a dip in the lake to cool off while others try out sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, tubing, waterskiing, and so much more.

Bunk Life: The team at Camp Cody strategically places campers in bunks rather than choosing at random. We want children to meet like minded individuals as well as develop friendships with kids that have different backgrounds and interests. Our bunks are where many friendships bloom! Camp counselors also stay in the bunks with the kids so both parents and campers feel safe and comfortable.

Established in 1926: We have a long history of providing campers with a safe and nurturing environment.  Because we’ve been in business so long, our staff knows the ins and outs of summer camp and we’re constantly making changes to improve the overall experience.

Judgement Free Atmosphere: Our sleepaway camp is all about acceptance! We teach kids to accept one another and listen so everyone can become friends. Our clique free environment creates a safe space for kids to truly be themselves. Although many kids come back each year and have established summer camp friends, we have created a summer camp where new campers never feel left out.

Activities for Everyone: We understand that kids are still figuring out who they are, exploring their strengths, and overcoming their fears. One of the best ways to grow is through summer camp activities. We provide campers with a wide-range of activities varying from arts and crafts to cooking to wakeboarding to soccer. Kids can try out a multitude of sports, water activities and creative arts to see what interests them.

Health & Wellness: Our staff puts an emphasis on nutrition! When it comes to fueling before going off to our daily activities, we want to provide summer campers with the best meals possible. In between meals, kids can grab a snack or beverage whether it’s a granola bar or a fresh piece of fruit. We’re also mindful of dietary restrictions such as nut and gluten allergies. We have a modern Health Center with the latest equipment as well as 10 sick rooms for campers. Additionally, all staff members are first aid trained and CPR certified.


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