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Helping Your Child Mature With An Overnight Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 04/06/2020

Summer camp in New Hampshire is an experience like no other. Campers, counselors and other staff members can take this time to unplug from their hectic schedules and connect with nature. In New Hampshire specifically, unplugging is one of the best things you can do as theirs an abundance of rolling hills, trickling streams, beautiful hiking trails, mountains, crystal lakes and so much more. Not only does camping allow children to disconnect from TV and video games but overnight summer camps help children mature. Let’s explore some of the core ways camp helps children develop.

Teamwork: Camp is never short on games and ice breakers. Whether it’s a round of capture the flag, a quick pick up game of basketball, or creating an artistic masterpiece, summer campers work together toward one goal. This helps kids get away from the “me, me, me” attitude and learn about investing in their peers. Ultimately, children will feel empowered as they contribute to the success of the group.

Resilience: Activities such as ropes courses and zip lines, laser tag and other challenging outdoor activities teach kids that it’s okay to fall as long as they get back up. These team-building activities help children understand resilience, showing them that if they keep going, they can succeed at anything.

Decision Making: Many camp experiences instill confidence in children which sharpens their decision making skills. Rather than listening to advice from TV, movies and friends, children will have a better understanding of who to accept guidance from.

Independence: While teamwork is huge at summer camp, campers will surely have a newfound independence. At certain times, campers will need to work on projects independently and some activities require solo work. The act of leaving home and venturing to camp alone is a major step when it comes to a child’s independence.

Why Choose Camp Cody: New Hampshire’s Best Summer Camp

At Camp Cody, our expert team of camp counselors and staff members are here to make your child’s summer an exciting one.

Some of our land activities include:

  • track and field
  • field hockey
  • horseback riding
  • lacrosse
  • kickball
  • volleyball
  • soccer

Make sure to check out our water activities such as:

  • swimming
  • stand up paddleboarding
  • wind surfing
  • tubing
  • kayaking
  • sailing

We make sure to offer a slew of activities that kids of all ages can enjoy. From team building activities to land sports, there are endless opportunities at Camp Cody. Along with our selection of summer camp activities, we are also located along the beautiful shores of Ossipee Lake in Freedom, NH. With the White Mountains as a backdrop and the soothing sounds of the lake, our waterfront camp is a calming experience for kids that may not be used to living away from home. With our guidance, children experience unbelievable activities while maturing and learning life lessons!




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