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4 Lessons You Learn From Being A Camp Counselor

Camp Cody Team 04/06/2020

Camp counselors are motivated individuals who offer guidance and comfort to both returning and new campers. Creating memorable nights around the fire, bursting into song, and encouraging campers to join ice-breakers are just a few of the incredible activities camp counselors are involved in. While counselors are teaching campers everyday, camp counselors are also learning an incredible amount as well.

How to be a Leader

This is one of the main skills camp counselors develop during their summer camp journey. Camp counselors resolve any conflicts that may come up throughout the day, lead campers in activities and offer guidance, and ease counselors into camp who could be homesick. These individuals also serve as role models for camp attendees which can greatly influence campers for years to come.

How to be Patient

In order to work with kids, patience is key. Many camp counselors are teens and young adults who are still working on patience themselves. When leading a group of kids at summer camp, many camp counselors learn how to be patient quite quickly. Teaching children new games, getting kids together for lunch, dinner, or bed can take a lot of work. Camp counselors learn that every child is different and things that may take one child 5 minutes, may take another child a half hour. Counselors are able to adapt to each child and go with the flow, and with this skill, they’re able to take this into their everyday lives.

Being Positive in Any Situation

It’s important for camp counselors to remain positive for the campers, even in situations that may seem stressful. Some days may seem like a downer due to weather alone. A cold, rainy day could lead to campers missing out on certain activities or just put them in a lousy mood. Regardless of the situation, camp counselors learn how to put on a smile and motivate others.

Solve Problems Quickly and Efficiently

Not everyday at camp is going to be absolutely flawless. Counselors will experience a hiccup or two during their time at summer camp but they soon learn how to quickly and efficiently solve any problem that comes their way. Camp counselors become more vigilante as well as adaptable to any situation.

What Other Lessons Do Camp Counselors Learn?

Camp counselors learn so much more than the power of positivity and how to become an effective problem solver. Camp counselors also learn how to:

  • be prepared for any situation
  • stay motivated in difficult times
  • make difficult decisions
  • be more organized

About the Camp Counselors at Camp Cody

Our staff members are dedicated to maintaining a balanced cabin lifestyle, breathing life into camp and building relationships with each and every camper. Each member of our world class team has been thoroughly trained, has certifications and is fully invested in making your child’s summer a memorable one. If you’re looking to sign your child up to the best NH summer camp, look no further than Camp Cody.

Learn more about our camp counselors to see what life at Camp Cody is all about!



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