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Helping Your Child Transition Home After Summer Camp

Camp Cody Team 10/08/2020

Some kids head into summer camp with anxiety but all kids leave wanting to come back. Breaking away from the summer camp routine can be difficult for any child or teen which makes getting back into the swing of things at home even more challenging. Our staff has put together some helpful tips to make it easier for both you and your child to readjust.

boys in water about to high fiveDon’t be too Pushy

At overnight summer camp, kids learn how to be more independent so when they get home they might be a bit different. You’ll probably notice your child tidying up a bit more, making their bed and even improving their hygiene. Let your child embrace their new sense of independence whether it’s choosing what they eat or wearing the same summer camp hoodie multiple days in a row. Being pushy or tightening restrictions might overwhelm your child.

Avoid Electronics

Your child just spent the summer without technology and embraced nature. At summer camp, kids learn to have a fulfilling life without electronics where they aren’t constantly checking social media, spending hours playing video games or glancing at their phones checking texts. Rather than returning all their electronics, let your child come to you. You’ll probably noice your child becoming less dependent on technology.

Listen to Their Summer Camp Experience

Whether at camp for a few days or a few weeks, your child has certainly learned a great deal at camp and probably wants to share their experiences. If you notice your child constantly singing summer camp songs or talking about camp, be patient and embrace it. Keep in mind, this is a life-changing experience so if they’re singing about summer camp, this is an amazing thing! Have a positive attitude and always listen when your child wants to discuss summer camp.

girls showing off their musclesGet Connected with Camp Friends

Set up a Zoom meeting or Skype date between your child and their new friends. There’s no doubt that you’ll child will surely miss their camp friends so regularly set up phone calls, emails and virtual meetings to stay in touch. This will get your child excited to go back to camp and also have something to look forward to on week nights after school.

Spend Extra Time Together

It’s natural for you and your child to miss each other immensely and although you might be spending a considerable amount of time together during your everyday routine, take some extra time to do something special. Watch a movie together, take a hike or go out to dinner. Consider planning a day together as the family or take a short staycation nearby for the weekend.



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