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Life Lessons Your Kids Will Learn at an Overnight Camp

Camp Cody Team 07/27/2020

Overnight summer camps provide kids with ample opportunities to face their fears and learn more about who they are. From conquering their fear of heights through ziplining and high ropes courses to overcoming their fear of public speaking by leading a campfire story, you’ll notice your child returning home with much more confidence. That’s not all overnight camp has to offer. Read on to find out about some of the best life lessons your kids will learn.

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Overnight Camp Life Lessons


Campers start adjusting to day to day routines without parents. This means no one is telling them to get in the shower, reminding them to brush their teeth or taking the time to clean their room. Kids will start to make their own decisions without the supervision of their parents. In just a short period of time, summer campers adopt healthy habits and learn how to better take care of themselves.

Parent Appreciation

Although kids will grow more independent at overnight camp, they’ll also have an immense appreciation for their parents. Kids may want to be independent but maybe not wholly independent. They’ll have a new-formed appreciation for all the things parents do for them. In fact, many campers are often eager to return home to see their folks.

It’s Okay to Be Uncomfortable

New campers can sometimes feel uncomfortable at overnight camp, especially if they’ve never been before. Summer campers learn that stepping out of your comfort zone leads to wonderful things. When kids push themselves to do the unthinkable, even if they’re slightly uncomfortable, they’ll feel much more accomplished. Kids might feel uncomfortable participating in a team sport only to discover they’re exceptional at it.

They’ll Survive Without Electronics

In this day and age, it can feel nearly impossible to go an hour without electronics. Everywhere you turn people are texting, playing games on their phones or checking social media sites. Taking a break from electronics and spending time in nature can be a nice breather for kids. They’ll slow down and take in their surroundings, stop comparing themselves to others, and avoid checking celebrity gossip. Spending time in nature also helps alleviate anxiety which can be extremely beneficial for some children.

Embrace Diversity

Summer campers will be meetings kids from all over the country, with all different backgrounds, cultures and interests. Kids find themselves becoming friends with people they never would have met at home. Overnight camp is all about embracing diversity and learning to love yourself. It’s a completely warm and open environment where there is no judgement and everyone becomes friends.


Kids become resilient as they test our new activities. They’ll find themselves falling, coming in last place, or perhaps missing a target. However, rather than quitting, camp counselors are there to motivate and encourage campers to keep going. Not to mention, campers are always rooting for each other. The more kids try the more they success. By the end of the summer, kids come home completely resilient.

Join Our Overnight NH Camp

At Camp Cody, summer campers build self-confidence, develop lifelong friendships, and become independent. We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere where summer campers can be themselves. At the end of each day, campers hang out in their bunks where they play games, talk and rest after a long day of fun-filled activities. This is where many friendships start to bloom. Our overnight camp also provides kids with the opportunity to try out a myriad of activities rather than just one. Some of our summer camp activities include kayaking, SUP, sailing, cooking, wakeboarding, woodworking, archery, and so much more. Nestled along Lake Ossipee, our NH overnight camp is the perfect setting for a relaxed summer camp environment.

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