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Should I Send My Child to a Co-ed Summer Camp?

Camp Cody Team 07/24/2020

This is a question we hear often. Parents do thorough research into their child’s first summer camp and deciding whether their child would be better suited for a co-ed or same sex camp is one of the most important decisions. Camp Cody offers a wonderful co-ed summer camp experience with boys and girls living in separate bunks. We’re going to walk you through the benefits of co-ed summer camp.

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Benefits of a Co-ed Summer Camp

Building Respect for the Opposite Sex

Boys and girls must work together during sports and activities to reach a common goal. Because of this, kids learn to respect one another and become close friends. Summer camp is also tech-free which means social media won’t get in the way to skew relationship development.

Kids Learn About Compassion

It’s critical for children to learn that everyone deserves compassion regardless of age or gender. Children learn emotional intelligence at summer camp, how to communicate in a healthy way, and they learn empathy for everyone (not just the same sex).

Summer Campers Develop Self-Confidence

Many children and teens desire to build long-lasting relationships but often struggle to break out of their shell. Summer camp offers a warm and inviting environment for kids to interact and feel comfortable in their own skin. Summers campers are also encouraged to join in activities they might not have otherwise tried at home. From ziplining to SUP to kayaking, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to face their fears and learn that being confident can help them become more successful.

Great Opportunity for Families with Both a Son & Daughter

A co-ed camp is perfect for families with boys and girls, especially siblings that are best friends. They can enter camp together which makes them feel a bit more comfortable and introduce each other to new friends. This also takes the hassle out of having to choose from multiple summer camps.

Join Us at New Hampshire’s Best Co-ed Summer Camp

Camp Cody, located in Freedom NH, is nestled along Ossipee Lake which is one of the most popular lakes in New Hampshire. Our co-ed summer camp experience is unlike any other! Boys and girls experience new and exciting activities such as windsurfing, SUP, ziplining, ropes courses, cooking, horseback riding, snorkeling and so much more. Both male and female campers are welcome to try out the same activities and all of our sports are co-ed. In the evening, boys and girls are separated into their bunks where they tell stories, play games, engage in ice breakers, and spend the evening relaxing.

If you’re looking for an exciting co-ed camp in New Hampshire, look no further than Camp Cody.

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